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The article is talking about the General Motors operation and the change in the finance department. The article indicates that, GM is currently venturing or investing in…
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Annuities The article, “GM Reshuffles Finance Team” is written by Bennett Jeff and found at Wall Street Journal. The article is talking about the General Motors operation and the change in the finance department. The article indicates that, GM is currently venturing or investing in new technology and car assembly plants. This has led the company to appoint a youngest person in the history of the company to act as the treasurer. The 35 year old, Dhivya will be resuming his position in July 1st 2015. She was appointed in this position after serving with the company for a long time and come up with the plan of reducing the cost of the pension plan in 2012 and 2013 in order to improve GM’s income generating strategies. Currently, the person acting as the treasurer is Niharika who is 45 years and will be replaced on 1st June (Bennett 1).
The roles played by treasurer in the organization are capital planning, carrying out global treasury operation, world-wide banking and capital market activities. On taking the position, she will start carrying out those tasks in consideration of GM’s progress. For advancement and ensuring that GM progress in the new investment, she will be involved in business development, investor’s relations and risk management. GM has invested heavily invested in new program and she will need to make sure that the investment prospers in order for the company to gain back the $5 billion used for investment. The article shows ways in which an organization should prosper after venturing into new investments. In respect to the article, an organization should review and make changes of different departments and management (Bennett, 6).
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Bennett Jeff. GM Reshuffles Finance Team. April 10, 2015. The Wall Street Journal. Viewed from Read More
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Annuities Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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