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Money Markets, Bonds Market, Mortgages - Coursework Example

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The paper "Money Markets, Bonds Market, Mortgages" states that Bonds market is a market where debt securities are issued and traded, the instruments of bond market include govt-issued securities (like saving bonds, treasury bills and notes),  and corporate debt securities. …
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Money Markets, Bonds Market, Mortgages
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Download file to see previous pages Bonds market is one of mean that move the savings from saver to the issuers or companies who require capital for their ongoing projects or new expansions, this market is presumed to be a market of fixed return, although it appears complex but it is also driven by the same risk and return tradeoff as like in stock market, basically bonds market can be divided into three main groupings i.e. issuer, underwriters, and purchaser. (Levitt)
The final player in this market include any group or any other type of investor including the individual, further govt often purchase debt from other countries if they have the excess money of that other country’s money as a result of trade between them e.g. japan is a major holder of US govt debts.
Further, it is worthwhile to mention that income from bonds is fixed but there are different risk factors that are attached to a bond market, which may include inflation risk, interest rate risk, duration risk, call risk, credit risk, liquidity risk, market risk. (INSTRUMENTS)
This form of lending and borrowing is common in corporate sector where if a company need finance for its operation or expansion projects it lends one of its assets to a financial institutes in order to finance these projects then in return they get loan, and after completion of concerned objective they get relieved there asset after paying back their loan amount.
Normally people obtain such type of loan from state-owned institutions, where each mortgage has its criteria depending upon the market situation, normally company acquire loans through mortgages where they pledge there asset with a bank or a financial institute in order to obtain loan for their expenses and in that case company have to register these loan as well with registrar of the company, otherwise these loan would not be secured. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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It Depends What You Choose for Report Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 Words.
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