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This paper "Development of ACETO as a Human Health Products Corporation" focuses on the increase in revenue received from assets grew from 6% to 108% by March 2014. This was realized from assets from the US and other destinations; ACETO has been able to get a difference of over $40 million as compared to the previous returns from the last quarter of 2013. …
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Development of ACETO as a Human Health Products Corporation
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Development of ACETO as a Human Health Products Corporation
Question 1
The increase in revenue received from assets grew from 6% to 108% by March 2014. This was realized from assets from US and other destinations; ACETO has been able to get a difference of over $40 million as compared to the previous returns from the last quarter of 2013. These findings indicate that the increase in dollar amounts in 2014 was as a result of increase in assets that form part of the company’s derivatives that are located in Europe, Asia-Pacific and the United States. The growth in US was the highest being that most of its consumers are located here (Aceto Corporation, 2015). The percentage of US consumers is at 68%, most of whom are reliable consumers. This increase in the dollar amounts from assets and sales is due to the quality of products that have stood out amidst a heated competitive ground.
Question 2
Aceto Corporation relies on its underlying entities like long-term assets and this poses a threat to its future financial performance (Aceto Corporation, 2015). The derivatives act as a hedge for any modifications of prices or accessing markets that are not easy to penetrate. In the case of huge price adjustments, over-reliance on the underlying entities may affect the revenue generated and therefore interfere with ACETO’s net profit. Such occurrences can affect the share value including the confidence of potential investors.
Question 3
Some of the operational items recorded in the news release by Aceto Corporation include multiple sales that have increased with over 100%. The statistics released late 2014 reveal that ACETO has a lot of potential in terms of satisfying a growing market and maintaining quality of products. The performance chemicals were a strategic item in 2014 that led to increased profits. This growth in demand was a result of improvement in product mix which was warmly received by the consumers (Aceto Corporation, 2015). Human health and pharmaceuticals was a great pillar that upheld the rapid increase in sales amounting to over 70% gross profits. This backed up the strategy transforming ACETO into an organization that provides for human health products.
Aceto Corporation (2015) Aceto reports Fiscal 2015 First Quarter Results. NY. Retrieved February 15, 2015
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