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This letter serves the purpose of confirming, based on the conversation we had earlier in the week, that my company will provide you with financial analysis services based on your financial records. These services shall include the following:
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Client profile
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Download file to see previous pages I will be your primary contact during the time of this engagement. In any event that you have any questions concerning this engagement at any time, you may either contact me directly through my extension or through my email address.
I will send to you an approximation of the time and total costs that this engagement may incur, including the expenses and the fees. Kindly note that this information remains only an estimate, and that it may change depending on the complexity of activities done and time taken. I have also attached for your records and information one copy of the interview form. Please notify me immediately in any case that any information therein is incorrect.
Mason does not have a pension plan. Julia has a pension plan provided by her employer. 5% of her earnings go the pension plan, and the employer matches her contribution. Julia’s plan has a balanced mandate investment of 50% bonds and 50% equities. Mason is the plan’s beneficiary.
Both Mason and Julia are medium risk investors with little knowledge of financial market workings. As such, do not have a complete investment plan. However, with their assets, Mason and Julia have undertaken investments that earn revenue for them. Their investments are low risk and their returns are moderate. The family lives within its means, with the expenses being 39.1% of the family’s total annual income. The amount that this family spends is below the average amount of money spent by households in Canada. In 2014, the average pending for households with children was at $80056 according to Statistics Canada. Mason and Julia’s family spends $50251.2 annually.
This ratio shows that the family is prepared to either fund itself or acquire additional funds in case of an emergency. The family has significant savings and sources of funds that will be important in the event of an emergency. These funds include life insurance policies, Julia’s pension scheme and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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