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The grouping of data to obtain intervals and cumulative frequencies that helps in the drawing of ogive signifies that the quartiles will be based on approximations. Therefore, the excel gives exact values of quartiles as opposed to ogive that gives approximations hence the two…
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Download file to see previous pages Therefore, the best way to use means is with large sample size because when the samples are small and has some scores that are higher than the rest, it will be skewed higher as opposed to other scores.
In general, the median refers to the middle score from a list of values. It is the point at which one half of the values are above while the other half is below. The advantage of media is their less sensitivity to extremes. Therefore, they are a better measure of central tendency for use in determining the middle score or salary especially when the sample size is not big.
The mode provides the salary or wage that is common, or the amount of salary that appears the most number of times in the set of salaries. The advantage is that is provides a common figure that can be used as the measure of salary payable by the institution. The disadvantage is that it may not reflect any significant statistical value for decision making
The mean salary provides the average salary that is payable within a set of salaries. We are able to know the average amount of salary payable. The mean is most appropriate statistical value when making decisions regarding management of salaries. The disadvantage is that the distribution of salaries may not be normal owing to the great differences between the maximum and minimum salaries hence may not provide appropriate decision making model
The median is the amount of salary that appears at the middle when the whole set of salaries are arranged from the lowest to the highest. The median only shows the salary that appears at the middle and cannot be used in decision making.
Standard deviation measures the deviation of values from the mean, unlike rage that only shows the difference between the maximum and the minimum salary. Therefore, standard deviation is the most appropriate measure to assess how the salaries are distributed because it shows whether the distribution is normal or not.
The standard deviation is measure variability ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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