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Individual Income Taxes - Tax-Deductible Losses - Research Paper Example

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Tax-deductible loss means that loss can’t be compensated through insurance and it must be sustained during the taxable year. According to the United States internal revenue code, there are certain losses that are…
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Individual Income Taxes - Tax-Deductible Losses
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Download file to see previous pages Casualty loss is not deductible if the damage or destruction is caused by accidental breaking like glassware, fire that was set willingly and finally a car accident is neglected or willingly act caused it. Keeping adequate records is one of the most important things a taxpayer can avoid a potential IRS audit doesn’t result in any assessment of additional tax, penalties and interests. This method helps you defend yourself against IRS audit.
According to the United States internal revenue code, there are certain losses that are considered for tax purposes. This means that the loss can’t be compensated by Insurance and it must be sustained during the taxable year. If the losses are casualty or theft of personal, family, the loss must result from an event that is identifiable, and damaging or unusual nature. Losses incurred in a business or a profit-seeking activity are deductible whether if not they are due to casualty or theft (Pratt & Kulsurd, 2012). Under the current tax laws a casualty loss deduction is allowed if the extent of the loss is not reimbursed by insurance. This law was enacted because of the natural causes that frequently happen and the insurance companies are not fully equipped and able to pay for the massive damages caused. The tax-deductible losses have been modified for years, allowing losses under the tax code. In the 1880s deductions were allowed for losses related to fire and shipwrecks. In the 1990s it covered natural disasters and other casualties and theft. The federal government has responded in so much losses by offering aid to help cover by removing debris and rebuilding areas hit hardest
Some people are covered by insurance but the insurance doesn’t cover the entire loss fully, if a tax payer doesn’t have insurance, he/she can be compensate by the federal income tax return for the casualty loss related to disaster. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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