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Case 3: Time Value of Money and Capital Budgeting - Coursework Example

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Lets take the reinvestment rate to be 10%. Therefore, FV of positive cash flows = 150,000(1.1)^2 + 250,000(1.1)^1 + 350,000 = 806,500. The PV of negative cash flows =…
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Case 3: Time Value of Money and Capital Budgeting
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"Case 3: Time Value of Money and Capital Budgeting"

Download file to see previous pages The PV of the negative cash flow = 1,722,000. Therefore, the MIRR = {5,430,732/1,722,000}^1/6 – 1 = 21.1 %.
The firm should adopt project B. The supporting argument is that comparatively, project B has a positive NPV while project A has a negative NPV. A positive NPV is an indication of a possible future growth and financial stability. Therefore, investors who wish to create wealth should consider undertaking project B. The second reason for preferring project B is that the IRR is greater than the cost of capital. That is 36.67 % > 8.5 %. The IRR is used to determine whether an investment would generate high returns to facilitate the payment of interest on cost of finance (Marx 212-289).
The amount to be drawn after retirement is $ 3000 per month (12*3,000) = $ 36,000 per annum. The expected life span after retirement is 20 years. Therefore, the requirement is to save (36,000*20) = $ 720,000 in a period of 35 years before retiring in order to meet my expenditure level of 36,000 per annum. This scheme amounts to an ordinary annuity in which $ 720,000 is the future value, n = 35 years, annuity = $ 9,600 per annum and r ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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...+160019.3= $ 180,000 Question 5 In this case, the amount of money that will have accumulated in the account will be given by; Total Value = D/(1+r)1 +D/(1+r)2 + D/(1+r)3 Deposit (D) = 120,000, Interest Rate = 2%, Time Period = 3years Therefore, Total Value = 120,000/(1+0.02)1 + 120,000/(1+0.02)2 + 120,000/(1+0.02)3 =117647.059+ 115340.254+ 113078.68 = $ 346,065.9927. Conclusion From the above discussion and calculations, it is very clear that the way in which money changes its value with time is a very complex issue of and is very important in business and finance. The concept of time value of money affects all decisions that individuals and financial managers of various firms make concerning investment and other financial aspects... ?...
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Time Value of Money various investment options which will increase the amount. Moreover, there is also an opportunity cost that is associated with the cash that is received later. This is the cost of the best foregone opportunity that could have been taken with the cash available (, 2011). Cash received later can’t be used for any investment options present at the current time frame. The concept finds significant applications in the area of capital budgeting, lease versus buy decisions, accounts receivable analysis, financing arrangements, mergers and pension funding (Ross, 2007, pg. 60). The concept of time value of money is used in...
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