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The driving forces in the changing role of accountants - Literature review Example

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The major turbulances on the international level for the ensuing decade are forecasted to be of vast changes in regional power and wealth, occurrence of severe economic insecurity and prevalence of widespread political turmoil in major regions around the globe. At the same…
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The driving forces in the changing role of accountants
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Extract of sample "The driving forces in the changing role of accountants"

Download file to see previous pages new business models and shifts in business-oriented demographics.In total, these forces of change are pushing or driving new societal values, expectations and needs and is entrusting more accountabilities on accountants to respond to these changes. In short, these changes are changing every feature of our globe in general and thrusting new duties on accountants in particular.
Due to changes in the business sector due to various factors as enumerated below, there is an increasing recognition in business community for the need to develop a thorough understanding of these changes and other upcoming drivers of change and to equip themselves for a wide scale of probable future scenarios. Hence, it is significant and vital for the accounting profession to recognise the major factors and forces that are likely to shape the future. This will facilitate them to face sprouting shocks and to capitalise by acquiring new talents and skills.
The study of drivers of change is important to the accountaning profession and for business executives so as to make them to prepare for the challenges from an indecisive tomorrow. This research study will investigate the promising drivers of change that could have the severe effect on accountancy profession and for the business over the ensuing decades. This study has referred various previous empirical studies on the subject to prove its research hypothesis, i.e. the important drivers for change in the role of accountants in the ensuing decade.
This research study makes an attempt to offer a balanced picture on the effect of changing roles of the accounting professionals in the ensuing 5 to 10 years. The main research question will be “what are the driving forces in the changing roles of the accounting professionals in the coming decade and what the opportunity and confronts will it foster for the accounting professionals?
This research study will mainly use secondary data like books, peer view journal articles, previous ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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