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Five year report for the JD sports - Coursework Example

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For comparison, Marks & Spencer’s financial statements are used at various places within the report.
In summary, JD Sports generates and increases its…
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Five year report for the JD sports
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Extract of sample "Five year report for the JD sports"

Download file to see previous pages The company’s business model involves significant reliance on acquisition and organic growth. Cash flow from investing and financing activities properly reflect the strategies adopted. The company has recently broadened its services to Spain, France and Ireland by acquiring fully and partially owned subsidiaries. The business model may be practically supported by 2012 results which show that 67% of cash used in investing activities relate to acquisition of brands.
The regular losses in re-measurements, revaluation and impairment of assets raise certain questions on the viability of the company’s depreciation and asset management policies. The exceptional items are seen at almost steady amounts throughout the 5 years period under review. The possible reason for such losses seem to be acquired assets which need to be revalued and losses recognized.
The cost controls at JD Sports seem managed and properly monitored. The 2008 growth of cost of sales at 8% was lower than the growth in sales of 12%. This shows, apparently, a strong cost controlling mechanism working at JD Sports. The cost growth of 2009-2023 seems to be in line with the growth in revenue showing a direct relationship between cost and revenue. This further illuminates the tight direct cost control system of JD sports which maintains the levels of earnings and expenses as much as possible.
The gross margin growth is relatively steady due to a linear increase in sales and cost of sales. The company’s performance, however, can be appreciated in keeping the costs stable and hence the gross profit.
The operating margin in 2011 is 9% as compared to the competitor, Marks & Spencer, at 8.6%. Moreover, the operating margin in 2012 is 7.2% as compared to the Marks & Spencer’s operating margin at 7.5%1. This shows that comparing to the competitor; no significant fluctuations have been observed in the trend. In aggregate, the operating margin before exceptional items seems quite stable and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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