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The Impact of Debt Relief Order on the Demand of Short-Term Loans - Research Proposal Example

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This paper “The Impact of Debt Relief Order on the Demand of Short-Term Loans” will investigate whether the perceptions on DRO have significant impacts on the revenue of creditors especially those who have potential profit in offering short-term loans with high-interest rates…
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The Impact of Debt Relief Order on the Demand of Short-Term Loans
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Extract of sample "The Impact of Debt Relief Order on the Demand of Short-Term Loans"

Download file to see previous pages Knowing any potential impact would further lead to the investigation on how creditors would create any important accounting-related adjustments just to be able to ensure the survival of their business. Thus, the following questions will be answered at the end of the study.
This study will employ both quantitative and qualitative method of research through a survey questionnaire and personal interview. In the end, this study will lead to understanding the macro-level impact of DRO on lending and banking institution and increasing the knowledge on the specific probable moves of banks and lenders to maximize their revenue on short-term loans amidst the implementation of DRO.
One of the ways, in order to protect an individual or a company from exact financial obligation from creditors, is to file bankruptcy (Elias, 2011). This is a way of doing something to secure any form of financial obligations that could no longer be handled accordingly. However, in any way, this is also a remarkable opportunity to actually create a fresh start when it comes to the financial concern of an individual or organization. On the other hand, this also has a remarkable impact on the part of the creditors. Although individuals who are in financial trouble may actually find it hard to secure financial support in the future for not being able to pay any accounts payable, insolvency on their part could create at some point some significant adjustments on the part of the creditors (Newton, 2009; Sarra, 2003). Today, aside from bankruptcy, there is another alternative especially for young people in order to secure themselves from creditors. In the UK, the DRO would allow an individual to secure one’s self from financial obligations towards a creditor. Those who could avail this should only have less than £15,000 value of debt and saving which would not exceed £300. As a result, many people in the UK are now seeking protection from DRO, as an upshot of unmanaged financial spending from the past especially in times of holiday seasons. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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