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MSc Managerial Finance RESIT JUNE 2013 - Assignment Example

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Question No.1 Financial Performance and Position of the business In order to evaluate the financial performance of any organization, financial ratio analysis can undoubtedly be regarded as one of the most effective and efficient method. The financial appraisal of The GAME Group Plc can be performed by computing the appropriate financial ratios of the company and comparing it with the prior year in order to monitor growth or decline in the ratios…
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MSc Managerial Finance RESIT ASSIGNMENT JUNE 2013
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"MSc Managerial Finance RESIT JUNE 2013"

Download file to see previous pages Ratio analysis is considered to be a very accurate and reliable tool when it comes to analyzing and interpret the financial outlook and performance of an entity. The main reason for performing a ratio analysis is to quantify the results of the financial operations of an entity and analyze them in the light of financial performance of the prior year(s) in order to assess different aspects of the financial feasibility. [Peavler, R. (2001)] The financial ratios are usually divided into various sub categories such as profitability, gearing and liquidity, each put emphasis on a different area of the financial outlook of the organization. These analyses form an integral part of the financial statement analysis, especially from the investor’s point of view, which are always looking for avenues to invest in countries having strengthened and stabilized financial ratios and representing an upward trend. It is of great significance that the ratios must be benchmarked against a standard in order for them to possess a meaning. Keeping that into account, the comparison is usually conducted between companies portraying same business and financial risks, between industries and between different time periods of the same company. [ (2012] The financial ratio performance of The GAME Group Plc has been evaluated for the last three years in order to draw attention to various financial trends and significant changes over the period. The analysis is divided into three main categorize namely Profitability, Liquidity and Gearing. Profitability ratios identify how efficiently and effectively a company is utilizing its resources and how successful it has been in generating a desired rate of return for its shareholders and investors. Liquidity ratios measure the ability of the company to quickly convert its asset into liquid cash to settle its short term liabilities. Whereas, the Gearing ratios identifies the extent to which the company is financed through debt and to what degree the operations are being conducted from the finance raised through raising equity capital or otherwise. For the purpose of financial ratio analysis, the financial year from 2011-2009 has been evaluated in order to analyze the financial outlook of The GAME Group Plc. The information has been extracted from the annual report of the company. Profitability Ratios   2011 2010 2009   Profitability Ratios Gross profit margin 26.30% 27.80% 26.14% Net profit margin 1.75% 5.00% 6.31% ROI 2.33% 9.23% 11.48% ROCE 4.79% 18.24% 29.22% Gross profit margin is an analyzing tool which assists in identifying how effectively and efficiently the company is utilizing its raw materials [1], variable cost related to labor and fixed costs such as rent and depreciation of property plant and equipment. The ratio is calculated by dividing the sales revenue by the gross profit. If we analyze the gross profit margin trend of The GAME Group Plc it appears that there is decline in the percentage over the last financial year. The gross profit margin was the lowest in the financial year 2009 when the gross profit ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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