Is case study a good way to analyze financial dissertation topic (about risk reduction using derivatives) - Essay Example

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On the Suitability of the Case Study Method for Use in a Financial Dissertation, Choosing the Most Appropriate Research Method Table of Contents I. Introduction 3 II. The Suitability of the Case Study Method for Use in a Financial Dissertation 3 III. On the Most Suitable Research Method for Use in a Financial Dissertation 6 References 10 I…
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Is case study a good way to analyze financial dissertation topic (about risk reduction using derivatives)
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Download file to see previous pages The paper tries to answer this question, and present the suitable research method if there is one that is better suited than the case study method. In particular, the paper addresses the following questions: One, does the case study design for the research apply for undertaking a financial dissertation involving the reduction of risks with the use of derivatives? Two, if the answer is yes, why is this so, and if not, why is this so? Three, if the answer is yes, what are the recommendations for the utilization and deployment of the strategies for research and the methods of research tied to the case study research design/method? Four, if the answer is no, what would be the most appropriate research design, and why is this the most appropriate? As a continuation to question four, what would be the recommendations for the utilization and deployment of the research methods and strategies tied to the most suitable research design/method identified as being more suitable than the case study method? II. ...
Derivatives to hedge risks and to manage the risks would naturally lend itself to quantitative research methods. How does the case study method fare in this respect? We get from the literature that the case study method is essentially a qualitative research method. By qualitative is meant that the case study method excels where the dissertation involves situating the research topic in a certain sociological or network context. By this is meant that subjective people and relational factors are important considerations. The definition below captures some of the flavor and some of the relevant contexts for the proper use of the case study method, and it is noteworthy that this definition below makes references to organizational contexts, social contexts, subjective user contexts, and other relational contexts (Jones 2000): Case studies are particularly valuable for understanding complex phenomena in context, and according to Yin (1989) when “users’ intentions, technology use patterns, and social impacts – cannot be clearly separated from the social, technological, and organizational contexts in which they occur.” Interpretive field studies are often based in turn on the “soft case” study approach, described by Braa and Vidgen (1997) as a research framework for organizational study in information systems research. They demarcate between methods appropriate for prediction, understanding, and change; and soft cases are adopted when the research intent warrants understanding phenomena. Recognizing that many studies address more than one of these intents in varying degree, research approaches are mapped to the outcomes desired by the research intents. For predictive outcomes, reduction approaches are used; understanding necessitates an interpretive approach; ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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