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From the paper "Arguments on the Imposition of Taxes" it is clear that the government is for the people and paying taxes is in such favor, backing up the needs of the citizens in a unified manner which presents a helping hand to the less fortunate while helping one’s self…
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Arguments on the Imposition of Taxes
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Full Arguments on the Imposition of Taxes Democracy indeed is a government of the people, by the people and for the people as the famous Abraham Lincoln said. Truly, there would be no one else to make a government succeed but the people. Otherwise, when one person or a group of which would manipulate the whole system to succeed, then the spirit of democracy is not honored which is not the case in the United States. People may not want responsibilities but take all the money they worked for and pocket them for their spending as to how they desire them spent however, they also have to look at the good intentions of taxing. Money matters are the most widely discussed subjects around the world, not to mention a most sensitive one that can cause even siblings to battle among themselves. Politicians talking about money, especially not their own money but the citizenry’s might be most hated and controversial and this makes imposing taxes on people difficult. This paper discusses the implementation of taxes in the eyes of Christie, the real problem behind taxation and the beneficiaries of taxation. Labor unions and laborers may not consider it humane when a cut is imposed on their salaries but looking at the possibility of a government planned by the people, without taxes would mean no health benefits, no pensions and no help from the government. Democracy as the United States is, looks at the best interest of the people and does not exist to let the people unattended. Christie’s battle for a 1.5 percent tax imposed on teachers, cops and firefighters shows he understands this and his adherence to his mother’s advice as told by the governor himself, “Christopher, you’re going to have choices in your life between being loved and being respected. And you should choose respected. Because if you’re respected, love can come.” Christie now pleads for the people’s respect doing the thing he thinks is right, taxing the people whom he trusts will come to admire him when they enjoy the benefits of the law he passed (Bai). The government is run by the people and so they are given the chance to vote for the ones they think give the most convincing feasible plans of making a better world. Leonhardt stated the sad fact that ‘fat and happy government workers or spineless politicians are not the cause of looming federal and state deficits but America’s collective desire for low taxes and generous government benefits’. This then leads them to vote for those who promise good things who eventually face the truth about making the government survive; that is, working hard and facing the difficulties of reality, including imposing taxes. Lastly, the government is for the people and paying taxes is in such favor, backing up the needs of the citizens in a unified manner which presents a helping hand to the less fortunate while helping one’s self. Union leaders, firefighters, cops and teachers who are most affected in this issue may be furious now but when they see the benefits that are not for them alone but for a wider population, may come to the realization that this is an extension of the services they offer the government in their chosen professions. Probably, paying 1.5 percent for their taxes will not hurt them nor affect the quality of their work as Chris Christie pointed out (Bai) because performing well is a citizen’s responsibility with or without taxes imposed on them. The important thing that an individual has to consider in such a situation is the long term effect of a policy in which case, the imposition of taxes is truly for the people. Indeed, budget problems will not go away for this is an issue that involves many people with different agendas but it could be minimized when one looks to a better future and support their leaders’ propaganda and not just whimper when one is affected. On the government’s part, a more careful attention should be given to those who are not performing well yet are given enormous budget (Leonhardt). Such should be the objects of scorn. Reference page Bai, Matt. “How Chris Christie Did His Homework”. Title of Periodical Day Month Year: pages. Print. Leonhardt, David. “Union Contracts, Not Pay, Are State’s Problems”. Title of Periodical Day Month Year: pages. Print. Read More
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