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Corporate Governance and Regulation - A Case Study (RBS) - Essay Example

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The overdraft facility used in modern day banking was one of the famous inventions of The Royal Bank of Scotland in early days which allowed the merchant customers to withdraw amounts from their bank accounts more than the balance they maintained. …
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Corporate Governance and Regulation - A Case Study (RBS)
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Download file to see previous pages The overdraft facility is one of the most versatile instruments in banking today. The Royal bank of Scotland apart from providing banking services in Scotland through 700 branches also provides branch banking services throughout the British Isles in collaboration with the NatWest and Ulster Bank. The Royal Bank of Scotland provides dedicated retail and commercial banking services in Scotland, Ireland and US. The Royal Bank of Scotland has a worldwide presence in about 40 countries where they provide investment banking services, private banking and also banking network channels for payment across Europe, Asia and Middle East. Apart from the core banking divisions, the bank also has non-core support groups to provide better banking services which includes Asset protection group, Global restructuring group, Risk containment group and the legal group. The Royal Bank of Scotland has a strategic plan for fulfilling its long term and short term objectives. The strategies employed by The Royal Bank of Scotland include serving the customers to their delight, containing the risk profile of the bank and finally attain sustainable value addition for the shareholders. The Royal Bank of Scotland is governed by a Board of Directors and the managing and executive committee. The bank is headed by its chairman Sir Philip Hampton and the Group Chief executive Stephen Hester. The platform of principal decision making is formed by the Board members of the group who has the overall responsibility and accountability of not only leading the group in a sustainable fashion but also ensure value and returns to their shareholders. The group also has a performance and remuneration committee apart from its supporting risk and audit structure. Apart from taking the policy-making decisions, the Board members of the group also monitors the operations and performance of the group on a periodic basis. The Group Board and the Committees governing The Royal Bank of Scotland is committed to high standards of adhering to codes on corporate governance. The Board Group scheduled a detail on the company affairs which is reviewed for monitoring effective implementation of the policies on corporate governance. The Royal Bank of Scotland acknowledges diversity and has implemented it worldwide. The Royal Bank of Scotland has around 5000 women workforce globally who are guided by a senior team of personnel. The Royal Bank of Scotland has a designed code of conduct along with defined policies on environmental, social and ethical risk, anti-money laundering, human rights, anti bribery, anti corruption and managing of diversity. These governance and regulatory policies help The Royal Bank of Scotland to maintain a balance of their financial, economic and social goals. Apart from serving their customer well, The Royal Bank of Scotland is committed to be a good employer, fulfil their corporate social responsibilities, open to consultation with their stakeholder for wealth maximization and restoring security and confidentiality of internal information. The Royal Bank of Scotland filed its annual report on 28th March, 2013 with the US Securities and exchange commission. The stock ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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