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Family and Culture in Terms of Ethics - Coursework Example

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The current paper discusses celebrating diversity in early childhood education programs. The paper "Family and Culture in Terms of Ethics" further describes a basic understanding of what the code of ethics is encountered in early childhood and education…
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Family and Culture in Terms of Ethics
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Download file to see previous pages Latinos are the highest in terms of percentage increase in the four years observation with a 16.2% increase in poverty and 24.9% increase in extremely poor children (p. 36).  
Gender roles are nothing but expectations as to how males or females should think, act and feel. Regarding a family, there are many gender roles that are expected and there are emerging ones that are becoming popular. A feminist role is one such perspective that challenges the female role that has been defined by culture throughout history (p. 40).
Celebrating an occasion is a wonderful time and leaves an impact on young child’s memories. Diversity in celebration comes from the fact that different families celebrate the same occasion differently (p. 48). To study these variations it is encouraged that different families bring their experience to early childhood programs (p. 48).
Home language refers to a child’s language at home, the one she hears her parents and sibling speak. When a child grows up in a culture where there is a language difference in home and outside, the child is able to learn two languages (p. 35).
In the contemporary United States, the experience of families and their children that directly relates to income varies considerably. Poverty rates for six years and under children have declined since 1993 when they were 25% and now are at 17.8% (p. 36).
There is a way to view culture through an iceberg model; only the tip of the iceberg is out of the water, indicating the concrete aspects of culture. Just beneath the tip is the submerged area of the iceberg that represents behavioral aspects of culture. And the area which is hidden under deep water is the symbolic level of culture (p. 34).
Fathers play a very different role than of the mothers (p. 42). Since only after the 1970s, the research on father’s role on child’s development has shown some serious research results (p. 43).  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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