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Automotive Repairs and After-Sales Service Company for Women - Research Paper Example

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It is a common observation that automotive repairs and after-sales services are regular activities of individuals who are associated with automobile maintenance. The writer of this paper analyzes automotive repairs and after-sales service company for women in Australia…
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Automotive Repairs and After-Sales Service Company for Women
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Download file to see previous pages The service stations provide maintenance at reasonable prices. As far as the autonomous vehicle repair shops are concerned, they exist in large numbers as the secondary and tertiary components of the huge automobile industry and owing to stiff competition their services can be availed at reasonably competitive prices. A major concern about these repair shops is that the quality of services may vary and hence feedback from their previous customers should be taken into consideration before taking their services. Mass merchandisers such as Sears (Sears, 2009) also sell tires, batteries, brake oil, etc. thereby curving a reasonable portion of the market pie. Finally, there are specialty shops that blend reasonable pricing with promptness and offer services such as oil change, automatic transmission, etc.
For obvious reasons, the different types of organizations that provide a wide spectrum of services related to automobile maintenance, have to manage the experience that they can provide their customers with, i.e. they should be careful enough so that the customers are satisfied and in turn publicize their experience thereby enhancing the customer base of the organizations. The present research will be centered on the experience of the female customers in Australia. It has been observed that Australian women are becoming increasingly independent and are nearing equality with their male counterparts (Australian Government: Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs, 2009), despite which they are still battling institutional as well as social barriers (Australian Government: Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, 2008). This research will try to unveil the extent to which social bias is reflected in the quality of automotive repairs and after sales services received by them. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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