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The Study of the European Consumer - Research Proposal Example

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This paper "The Study of the European Consumer" discusses the European consumer. The recession has made consumers more reflective about their purchasing patterns however; still, there are some patterns that are indicating a generalized inclination towards using products that are based on technology…
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Extract of sample "The Study of the European Consumer"

Download file to see previous pages The focus will be on Europe and the consumer.
This paper will rely mostly on secondary sources for data collection purposes as well as to make a comment and discussion on the issue. The research journals will be surveyed to provide a clear and concise discussion whereas the results will be obtained from the secondary sources published mostly on the internet. For this purpose, the use of databases such as Euromonitor as well as newspapers and magazines’ websites will be surveyed in order to obtain the desired information for analysis purposes. It is also critical to note that some of the trends to be obtained will be analyzed in the larger context of Europe and its linkages with other international markets.

Europe is one of the leading markets in the world having more than 800 million population indicating that the overall size of the market is relatively strong, however, most of the European countries have to populate that is aging. (Klingholez,2009). This trend may indicate that future business strategies and dynamics will be tilting towards developing products and services that are more suitable for the aging population.

The trends also indicate that the consumption patterns of the youth in Europe are also changing over the period of time. Spending on items such as the T-Shirts, Sports goods, fashion brands, etc is on an all-time high indicating that the smaller proportion of the youth in Europe are preferring to buy those items that can associate them with thrill and excitement. It is also critical to understand that the expenditure on items like iPods as well as cell phones is also on the rise thus making it clearer that the young consumers are preferring to use relatively expensive technologies as well as equipment that basically allow them to socialize in a relatively easier manner.

Location-based services such as GPS and navigation services are playing a critical role in shaping future consumer trends also. The demand for products like mobile-based maps, mobile-based applications such as weather trackers, traffic trackers as well as restaurant locators as well as car navigation is some of the most important products that consumers are investing to purchase. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Study of the European Consumer Research Proposal.
(The Study of the European Consumer Research Proposal)
The Study of the European Consumer Research Proposal.
“The Study of the European Consumer Research Proposal”.
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