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The goal of this essay is to assess the profitability of the "all you can eat" food services. The writer suggests that it is absolutely necessary to make buffet dining viable, profitable and quality-minded. The buffet diner and ownership can no longer sustain unethical behaviors due to government failure…
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The Concept of the All You Can Eat Buffet
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Download file to see previous pages President Obama’s mass production of currency has radically increased the costs of transportation for food products, raised prices for animal feed, and increased utility costs in many locations nationwide. All of these prices impact the supply chain strategy and capacity of the all you can eat buffet purchasing system, leaving customers to bear the burden of thrifty, independent and corporate buffet owners attempting to save their revenues.
Let’s face it: Virtually everyone loves to indulge themselves with a vast assortment of well-prepared foods in which there are no consumption limitations. Most buffets carry prime meats that are significantly more expensive than less-tender and less-marbled cuts of meat, a differentiation strategy to lure customers from limited menu competitors. Many people take their own families and extended families to the buffet experience as it maintains appeal to many different demographics and psychological profiles. President Obama did not take into consideration the impact on the national food supply chain when developing his monetary policies, attempting to, first, satisfy the interests of multi-billion dollar profit organizations. Short-run thinking, which is very typical of less-effective financial leaders, now has created more than just national inflation, these decisions have doubled the price of prime foods. Buffet owners, not equipped with the knowledge and education of the international financial system, see only lost revenues occurring as their monthly invoices continue to grow higher. Angry, but unsure where to direct these appropriate hostilities, it leaves them in a position where they must begin scrutinizing plate volumes taken by paying customers.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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