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Looking at the genogram has made me think long and hard about the amount of genetic inheritance that I have from my parents, and how this might affect my life from birth to death…
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Narrative Essay about my Family
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"Narrative about my Family"

Download file to see previous pages This paper will examine the question of our inheritance in looking at each of us in turn, my younger brother, my older brother, and finally myself. I hope that this approach will highlight how much of our inheritance is shared, and how much variety creeps in to the mix. My younger brother Larry is very close to my Father. I am not sure why this is, but I think it might be because he is very cute, and he likes the same sports as my Dad. They do things together sometimes, such as watching particular sports programs on tv, and I can see that they both like this very much. My Dad never did that with me when I was his age, and I think maybe as Dad gets older he is not so busy with work, and he likes to spend time with Larry to relax. Dad was not close to his own father, and I am guessing that he wants to make up for that with his own sons, or at least one of them. I am really happy about this because it shows that a person can break free from the patterns that they experienced themselves as a child, and they can make a new start with the next generation. My older Brother Mark has left home and does not have much contact with the rest of us in the family. I used to be a bit afraid of him, because he always seemed to be a person that wants to be in control. Now I think maybe he had a difficult job, being the oldest of three boys, and he used to argue a lot with my father. He is the same age as one of the cousins on my father’s side, and I think that he learned some bad habits from him, such as drinking and smoking. I would not be surprised if he even takes drugs, because he was never that impressed with rules and authority. It seems that alcoholism is a common occurrence in my father’s side of the family. My Dad talks about his brothers sometimes, and the mischief they got involved in when they were teenagers. I can see that he has changed since then, and that is probably due to the influence of my mother. She does not drink alcohol, and although she is not totally against it, she would prefer if her family stays away from things that make them behave badly. My brother seems to have a very independent mind-set, and it may be that he has inherited this from my grandfather on my father’s side. The cousin that he used to spend time with has now broken contact with his parents and he lives in some community in Nevada. I am not sure what that is all about, but it may have something to do with alternative lifestyles and a kind of resistance to mainstream American values. My older brother does not follow the same kind of crazy ideas that my cousin does, but I think he is disillusioned with his job, and wishes he could move away from this state and start something new in a different place. He is certainly more rebellious than my younger brother and me, and I think in the future he might surprise everybody by doing something quite amazing. He is the brightest of us all, but he chooses not to study hard, and so it is possible that one day he will come back to our way of thinking and do something useful with his life. When it comes to talking about myself, it is very hard to be objective. I am the peacemaker in my family, and I often find myself defending my older brother’s actions when he has done something that my parents do not approve of. I feel loyalty towards him, even when I do not agree with what he is doing all of the time. I also sometimes have to persuade my mother to let my little brother do things that she thinks are too dangerous or not suitable. My strongest bond in the family is with my mother, and then through her with my mother’s father who died in 2003. I can still remember my Grandpa and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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