The Choice in Consumerism to the Choice in Technological Aspects - Research Paper Example

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The purpose of this paper is to access how choices exist as a paradox and thereby explaining why do people find it difficult to make choices. The discussion to follow will base its reference to choices in consumerism as well as in technological aspect…
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The Choice in Consumerism to the Choice in Technological Aspects
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Download file to see previous pages In regards to the consumer’s choice, there is a lot of opinions that can be said. It is true that the life of a consumer is usually encompassed with choices, which have no boundaries and as such, in the long run, the state becomes a life full of hyper calculations, which are intended to pursue a state of perfection and as such, this perfection can be said to be always unreachable (Glasser 2009). For instance, when a person needs to buy a space consuming item, he or she will be upbeat not to make the wrong choice (Roberts 2002). As a result, that person will end up bearing down and at the end becomes engaged in conducting research, which is comparative in nature. It is only when consumers do the right choice that the fantasy takes not only the right direction but also assumes the right shape. As such, it follows that there will be a prevalence of a global beatitude (Roberts 2002). In contemporary times, the citizens of the U.S spend more time while doing shopping more than other people in other countries in the world. According to the recent researches, it has been found that people in America go to do shopping at least once a week and this exceeds the number of times that the hoses of worship are visited (Elizabeth 128). When these shoppers are requested to do a ranking in regard to what they achieve from being involved in various activities, it is amazing that shopping is usually ranked among the last activities (Kanazawa 2004). This is supposed to mean that, people tend to shop more but what they get from that in terms of enjoyment is usually less. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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