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As the nature of crime of jail inmates are less serious, there are no major rehabilitation programs and the fear that providing long term intervention programs in jail will attract people to stay in jail for long time has led the authorities to avoid this…
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Jails and Prisons
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"Jails and Prisons"

These individuals are not considered a major threat to the safety of other people and hence, they remain in jail for short term sentence. There are over 3,300 jails in the U.S. (Wallenstein & Kerle, 2008, p.20). Out of 2.3 million individuals entering the local, state and federal correctional facilities, only 750,000 remain in jail (Wallenstein & Kerle, 2008, p.20). However, jail is one of the most important parts of the justice system as during one calendar year, 10 to 15 million individuals pass through jail which makes the population 10 times more than the prison population (Wallenstein & Kerle, 2008, p.20). However, as the nature of crime of jail inmates are less serious, there are no major rehabilitation programs in jail. Moreover, the fear that providing long term intervention programs in jail will attract people addicted to drugs and alcohol, and make them stay in jail for long time, has led the authorities to avoid implementing intervention and rehabilitative measures in jails (Wallenstein & Kerle, 2008, p.24). They fear the increase in cost if inmates stay in jail for longer time just to avail the facility of intervention and treatments (Wallenstein & Kerle, 2008, p.22). ...
male and female, in the state and federal prison, which shows that there has been a dramatic increase in the number of people incarcerated in last 30 years (Phelps, 2011, p.1). Hence, many programs designed to rehabilitate the inmates are implemented in prisons. The programs like social adjustment programs, psychological counseling, drug treatment, alcohol treatment etc., are implemented in prison with the aim of rehabilitating people who are serving a sentence (Phelps, 2011, p.8). It has been observed that many changes have taken place in the nature of the programs that are run in the prison. From 1970’s to early 2000, the programs have changed their focus from theoretical based programs to more ‘practical use’ programs (Phelps, 2011, p.9). There was a considerable decline in the attendance of the inmates to the vocational and educational programs which were held in prison (Phelps, 2011, p.9). However, the attendance to the programs, which were designed with the aim of transforming and modifying the behavior, psychological and social pattern of prisoners, remained consistent throughout the years (Phelps, 2011, p.9). This showed that the programs which help the inmates to change their personality patterns and adjust with people outside the prison, once they are released, are well accepted by them and are followed sincerely (Phelps, 2011, p.9). Hence, the rehabilitation programs are one of the major parts of the prisons in the United States. However, the restricted outlook towards individuals who commit serious crimes has led to a notion that rehabilitation is not possible with these individuals and hence, they should not be released in the society (Phelps, 2011, p.1). According to Garland (2001), this outlook has resulted in prisons becoming a ‘hopeless’ Read More
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