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There is a main difference between video assessment and surveillance. Video assessment only occurs once an alarm is sounded and it is meant to identify the person setting off the alarm in the specific area, whereas video surveillance is not meant to specifically capture anything, but usually is used for monitoring larger areas…
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Paraphrase these pages
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"Paraphrase these pages"

Download file to see previous pages In order to examine the policies/procedures, it is important to be aware of the written and unwritten procedures in order to see if employees follow them. Lastly, knowing what the facility is putting out and the conditions of both the facility and the product are important as well as staffing issues and logistics such as shipping. The Vulnerability Assessment Project Leader is charged with many duties. All duties surround that of making sure that the demands of the schedule will be met and are able to resolve any issues concerning this. Making sure that the team is properly staffed with correct instructions and the supplies to do the job makes this possible. It also includes exercising leadership authority by interacting not only with members of the team, but also with facility management and higher up personnel. This is a consequence analysis table. It is a security analysis that shows the probability levels of any type of hostile action that might be taken towards the facility or its employees and the effect that it will have on customers and products. It also ranks them according to how high the probability of something occurring in relation to the type of consequence that will result for the company. For example, there is a high degree of probability for vandalism, but there is a low consequence expected for anything happening in the company. The three stages in project management are: project planning, managing the project, and the project closeout. Project planning involves making initial contact with the customer by understanding what they want and being able to define the project by looking at costs, number of personnel, conditions and terms, etc. Once the project is started, it is best to give weekly updates to the customer in order to let them know how the work is progressing and if there are going to be any unexpected changes in cost, production time, etc. The VA team has to be able to balance what the customer wants and what is feasible to what was agreed upon because the customer is not always right. Lastly at the end of the project, taking into account and producing all the financial paperwork and costs is imperative. All documents should be stored or disposed of and an after action review should occur to assess how the project went and if anything can be done better. There are many different ways in which a project can fail. Sometimes, poor planning or having the wrong people plan can hinder the entire operation ranging from the wrong goals to time management problems. In addition, if communication is not kept with the customer for the duration of the project, it could put the project in danger as it makes the customer loose faith in the project and can lead to further complications. Lastly, it is important to discuss what went right and what went wrong on the project in order to maximize efficiency. If this is not done, any mistakes that were made are likely to occur again in the future and could result in more drastic consequences. Stage 1 is the most important because it lays the foundation for the entire project. If this is messed up, the entire operation is at risk. During the execution of the project, problems need to be handled immediately in order to avoid complications. By keeping in contact with the customer, it allows quicker action and recovery to occur when a problem happens. In the last stage, all following ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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