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Four ways of evangelism - Research Paper Example

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This study analyzes the four methods of evangelism: the Evangelism Explosion, Lifestyle Evangelism, Friendship Evangelism and Servant Evangelism. A summary of each method, advantages and disadvantages of each method is described in the study…
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Four ways of evangelism
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Download file to see previous pages A conclusion is derived upon which two methods are chosen which I believe is the best method to apply to non-believers in my life. Evangelism, in this study, is defined as the zealous preaching and dissemination of the gospel as through missionary work. 1. A non-believer is described as someone who lacks belief or faith, as in god, religion, an idea or an undertaking. Zoll 2 revealed in his study that there many Americans today are non-believers, or have no religion. In a wide range study done on American religious life, Zoll’s study showed that the percentage of Roman Catholic believers have been declining, while the percentage of those who said they have no religion at all is increasing. In the same way, the percentage of Christians who are not Catholics suffered also a decline. According to Zoll, there are 57 million Catholics in the US today, but its population has declined by percentage point to 25 percent. In 2008, Zoll reported that there is also a dwindling rank of mainline Protestants including Methodists, Lutherans and Episcopalians that dropped from over 17 percent to 12.9 percent of its population. Four methods of evangelism What then are the most appropriate evangelization methods to bring back or convert these non-believers to the Catholic fold or to other denomination? Is it the evangelism explosion, lifestyle explosion, friendship evangelism or the servant evangelism? a. Evangelism Explosion If one chooses Evangelism Explosion, one experiences the concept of “spiritual multiplication”. In Evangelism Explosion, people are trained how to share their faith in Christ. This approach uses prayer, actual on-the-job training where the “experienced lead the inexperienced, and applies the principle of spiritual multiplication.” The EE is a continuous process wherein it is not only winning people to the Lord on a one on one process but training those who have been won to the Lord to win and train others. EE is like being on an real life work experience as one is expected to have an “on the job training” wherein non believers are invited to go with experienced trainers and be able to witness situations wherein people learn how to share their faith. EE based their mission strategy on Jesus’ own strategy wherein He trained 12 disciples and taught them how to train others and so on, thus the theory of spiritual multiplicity started. 3 The advantage of this approach is that EE believes that by learning small parts of the Gospel each week, including Bible verses and illustrations, people will have a hold of the Gospel tool that will eventually become its lifelong mission The difficulty I see in this approach is in doing the outreach or getting to the people one wants to convince. Often enough, non believers are steadfast in their attitude and do not welcome evangelists in their home or area. I relate this from my own experience from a group of foreign evangelists who knocked on my door one day wanting to talk to me about the gospel and Christian Faith. I did not let them in, first because I could not readily understood the way they communicate, second, I was so busy with something else at that time. So they just left me with some literatures about religion that I could read later on. So here, communication, time and attitude are the concerned problems so that it will take time and patience to be able to teach people ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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