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Compare and contrast two pieces of art - Research Paper Example

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Name 29 May 2011 Assignment The Metropolitan Museum of Art (The Met) in New York City contains a permanent collection of more than approximately two million pieces of art ranging from sculptures and paintings to musical instruments, costumes and accessories and antique armour weapons from all over the world…
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Compare and contrast two pieces of art
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"Compare and contrast two pieces of art"

Download file to see previous pages It was painted between the years 1829-32 and is one of the most renowned pieces of work by Hokusai. The painting shows a picture of a huge wave intimidating boats all around it, close to the Kanagawa or Japanese prefecture. Most of the times, people mistake the wave to be a part of the tsunami since the disaster is a very common phenomenon near Japan and the Japanese islands. However, it is a wave of the open sea, a commonality in the region of the water body there. Mount Fuji can also be seen in the background of the picture. The dormant volcano has formed a very important part of Japanese paintings and art because of its significance in the environment around the waves. It is also sometimes painted in order to depict the kind of warning the volcano is supposed to show to its audience through a picture portrayal. The picture is also a part of the Thirty Six Views of Mount Fuji and is the first of the series. (Katsushika Hokusai and Japanese Art) “Washington Crossing the Delaware” was made in 1851 by Emanuel Gottlieb Leutze. ...
his crew helps him cross the Delaware River however many say that the American flag shown in the picture is a symbol of anarchism and does not show American unity. The painting had to undergo restoration after it had been destroyed in a fire and then further again, in a bombing. Other pieces of creative art like poems and sonnets have also been made on the basis of the picture portrayed in the painting, which is one of the best forms of art alive for the depiction of the important event that took place in American history. (Washington Crossing the Delaware) Both paintings have been made with a great amount of detail in their own ways; however the technique used in their creation is very different from each other. The Jap-Asian painting made by Hokusai has been made with the Ukiyo-e technique; this is used for making single brush strokes onto silk or even on paper. It is very easy to make very thin lines and use colour very well with this kind of painting. It helps to give a portrayal of a very simple sketch with deep detailing. The waves in the picture have very extensive detail and the lighting has been worked on fantastically with a cloudy background helping to make the same even more sinister in its own way. The fierceness of the waves has been shown wonderfully, especially with the volcano in the backdrop of the painting. In contrast to the same, the painting by Leutze is more realistic in its approach. It has a very artistic touch and composition to it with excellent lighting and Washington’s face looking at the bright sky and sun, revealing an image along the likes of emerging victorious. The picture according to the painting takes place at dawn with very dark tones all along the sky and the sun rising along the horizon. (Leutze, Emanuel) There are different ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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