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Medicine and Healthcare in Brazil or The social and political status of women in Mexico - Research Paper Example

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Medicine and health care in Brazil Your complete name Institutional affiliation Abstract This paper explores several studies regarding health care system and people access to it in Brazil during 1996 to 2011. The resources consulted include journal articles, books, and online articles which use scientific methods in order to evaluate the level of inequalities on the basis of social status and class when it comes to accessing health care services in Brazil…
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Medicine and Healthcare in Brazil or The social and political status of women in Mexico
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"Medicine and Healthcare in Brazil or The social and political status of women in Mexico"

Download file to see previous pages The study also suggests the allocation of medical staff and finances on the basis of vulnerability and need in order to implement health care as a basic right in Brazil. Medicine and health care in Brazil This paper studies the medicine and health care system in Brazil. I argue that Brazil has achieved major progress in health care system through continuous reforms. To prove my hypothesis, I will analyze income and class factors that are attributed to the access to health care system in Brazil. I’ll examine whether there is a difference in the chances to access healthcare services after the division of health care system in private and public sector. The paper analyses different studies from 2000-2011 in order to evaluate the existence of social inequality when it comes to accessing the healthcare services in Brazil. Health care system in Brazil initiated in 1923 with the establishment of social security system for urban workers in private sector by Eloi Chaves Law. Universality and equality of health services was not acknowledged before 1988, therefore the system was not as just and equal for every citizen (Cordeiro as cited in Elias& Amelia, 2002, p.4). Furthermore, Eliasand Amelia (2002) states that, “health care access is no longer organized according to a social security model, be it publically or privately based [since] 1988; health has been a right granted to all and an obligation of the state” (p.5). Brazil acquired a universal health care policy in 1988; the system originated a network of public providers in order to deliver complete range of health services from typical diseases to sex change operation, free of charge. Public network evolved into the Family Health Program (Programa Saude da Familia PSF). PSF worked by assigning a team of a doctor, nurse, nurse’s assistant, and other health workers to families in a particular region for providing free health care services(Cataife and Charles,2011,p.2). Health care system is divided in public and private sectors in Brazil. Sistema Unico de Saude (SUS) is the public system which is created and defined in the Federal Constitution of 1988 in addition to the 1990 Organic Health Law. The system is working on the fundamental principles of universality, decentralization, and integrality. Universality refers to the idea that health care is a universal right and state is responsible for providing free health care facilities to its citizens. Integrality refers to the division of public health assistance into primary, secondary, and tertiary levels of care. Decentralization further divides the system by entitling municipalities as responsible for management and organization of health services (Cataife and Charles, 2011, p.2).SSAM is being regulated by government in Brazil for ensuring consumer rights and to avoid expensive procedure and health care plans for SUS services. The segmentation gives rise to social inequality that cannot be easily confronted (Elias& Amelia, 2002.p.5). Under SUS, health care services are universal, comprehensive, and free of charge for every citizen. Private sector availability is guaranteed against out-of-pocket payments or by association with a particular insurance plan (Noronnha & Monica, 2002, p.1). “The great expansion of the private sector in Brazil occurred between ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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