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Sexual Assault - Research Paper Example

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Running Head: Sexual Assault Sexual Assault (Name) (Subject) (Name of Professor) (Date) I. What is Sexual Assault?  Sexual assault refers to the behaviour of a person that is sexual in nature which can make another person feel threatened, frightened and uncomfortable…
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Sexual Assault
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Sexual Assault

Download file to see previous pages... The attempt to or assaults to commit rape through threat or force are included. It excludes statutory rape. As of 2009, reports of forcible rape annually have reached 88,097. Of all the reported rape cases in 2009, 93% were rapes of force (URC). B. Rape by Fraud  Rape by fraud is a form of rape or sexual assault wherein the woman is made to believe that it is her husband whom she has sex with. Rape, as mentioned, is a woman’s the carnal knowledge in the absence of her consent and is obtained by threats, fraud, force, etc. The fraud here should be consist of certain strategies by which the woman is made to believe that the offender is her spouse (Lee v. State, 1902). C. Marital Rape  Marital rape, also referred to as intimate partner sexual assault, is one that is done or committed by the current or the past partner, whether boyfriend or spouse. It happens when there is forced intercourse within the marriage or the partnership. However, there are still many countries that do not consider marital rape as a crime. In the United States for instance, rape is defined as sexual conduct forced on an individual other than a wife since the wife sexual consent is presumed. D. Date Rape In acquaintance rape, the offender is usually somebody who the victim knows casually or by sight, such as a colleague or a neighbour. In date rape, the offender is somebody who the victim knows and who the victim has consented to spend time with. Somebody who commits acquaintance rape or date rape can make use of various tactics, such as seeing to it that she is isolated, locking the door, making promises of taking her home from an event or party but taking her someplace else instead; he may threaten the victim with public humiliation, telling her that he will tell their friends that they sexually romantic regardless of what might actually take place; he may pressure her emotionally, saying that if she doesn’t agree, he will leave her; or he may use economic pressure, saying that he deserves sexual intimacy because he paid for their dinner (Huff, 2009). II. Who are the offenders and their characteristics?  A. Age of Offenders According to Holmes (1991), sex offenders and rapists are likely to be young men below the age of 30 during the time of the assault. In a study conducted by Quinsey and Upfold (1985) involving 72 rape offenders, the average age of these offenders was 24 years old. The relationship between age and offense is seldom taken into consideration in the literature on rape beyond its descriptive qualities in the methodology. It was suggested that hormonal factors existing in young men were linked with sexual offense (Marshall and Barabee, 1984). B. Gender of Offenders According to researchers (e.g. Lievore, 2003; Avakame, 1999), between 97% and 99% of alleged sex offenders are male. While physiologically and legally females are also capable of committing rape, for example, by digitally or orally penetrating victims (both male and female), such instances seldom reach the criminal justice system (Matthews et al 1991). C. Class of Offenders According to Holmes (1991), overwhelmingly, convicted rape offenders are from lower socio-economic backgrounds. Usually, they have inconsistent employment history in unskilled works, have high academic failure rates, and come from unstable backgrounds (Bard et al, 1987). The underrepresentation of males from upper and middle class backgrounds may indicate a higher involvement in marital and date rapes, which have lower conviction and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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I had an issue with a research paper types of works. All until I came across this website and this particular paper. Even though "Sexual Assault" is far from my studies, the structure is so great that I use it all the time as an example for my own works.
Sexual Assault class project Education/Training and Treatment/Rehabilitation
To fight the harsh fact that every society faces, a program is discussed, based on an understanding of such cases. Purpose: The purpose of the program is to draw attention to needs of people faced with sexual assault trauma, to raise awareness about it and how it is to be dealt with.
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Sexual abuse
There are many different types of sexual abuse, and just as many consequences to initiating sexual abuse and to being subjected to such inhumane treatment. The primary factor of what constitutes certain sexual activities as sexual abuse is force. When a person is forced to see or do something of a sexual nature that they had no say in, sexual abuse was committed.
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Nursing Forensics: Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE)
Plichta, Clements, and Houseman (2007) note that the need for getting a concerted approach towards the issues of rape and rape victims started in the 1970s. it was however in 1991 that the Journal of Emergency Nursing made publications of the first list of Sexual Assault Nurse Examination programs.
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A Victim of a Sexual Assault
Sexual assault is a form of sexual crime and what constitutes these types of crimes usually differs by legal jurisdictions and cultures. However, what is common about sexual assaults is that they are crimes which are sexual in nature, involving sexual contact or sexual intercourse without the consent of the party that is being assaulted.
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Sexual Assault in Prison
Over the years, safety measures in prison have been depleting which has made it easier to prey on weak prisoners. The act is mostly a combination of security agents staffing the prison and some few prisoners. Additionally, prison violence may be also a weapon by powerful individuals to eliminate specific individuals.
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Sexual Offenders
Reports indicate that between 6% and 45% of women and 3% and 30% of men are sexually victimized while 1 in 10 women are sexually victimized from the age of 16 (Fenner 2008 p. 74). There is no known cause of such pathological behavior but researchers agree that sexual offenders are driven by a multitude of factors; biological, cultural, social, psychological and environmental factors.
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Rape and Sexual Assault
Both the victim and the offender are embroiled in the complexities of the issue and this means that those authorities involved must make decisions that create the best example of justice under circumstances that are not idea for creating a courtroom that is seeking true justice.
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How to get victims of rape and sexual assault to report their attack
That is to say, the paper gives instruction on how to approach the victims so that to support and take care of them. Thus, the feeling of care is specially highlighted throughout the framework of the difficulties which a victim should get through. The gist of rape
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Sexual Assault on campus
Women are the main victims; however, their outcomes are mild while the outcomes of males who sexually assaulted are worst. There has been a controversy on gender differences, outcomes, causes of sexual assault, and the people responsible for sexual abuse
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