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Atmospheric Chemistry: Effects of Climate and Climate Change on Air Quality - Research Paper Example

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AIR QUALITY:- Clean air and suitable air quality is very important to sustain the life and eco system. The quality of air is vital regarding the sustainability of the life. As air is one of the most important components of bio sphere, contains the gases that are beneficial for the human life and a carrier of many different gas cycles and water cycles around the world…
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Atmospheric Chemistry: Effects of Climate and Climate Change on Air Quality
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"Atmospheric Chemistry: Effects of Climate and Climate Change on Air Quality"

Download file to see previous pages A lot of research is going on regarding the air quality and the factors that are affecting it, among them the one that we can control is the human induced air pollutants, because of these pollutants, the quality of the air is deteriorating and polluted up to the levels that are quiet harmful for the life of humans, plants and animals. The earth troposphere has a certain range of temperature and the capability to block the harmful ultra violet rays and controlling the inflow of the long wave and short wave radiation. However, due to the different activities by the humans, the troposphere layer is disturbed which causes alteration in the weather condition, bring more heat to the earth and cause global warming, along with the quality of the air is deteriorated. The environmental protection agency is responsible to calculate the amounts of certain gases that are present in the atmosphere and their toxic levels. However, the main concern is to cut down the particulates and gases that are responsible for the weather alterations and along with it directly or indirectly altering the air quality. The air quality is of mainly two types, the one is indoor air quality and the other is the outdoor air quality. ...
Large amount of research is being done on the green house gases, that are significantly considered as the contributor of the global warming and changing weather conditions. One way of changing climatic conditions is the green house gases that absorb infra red radiation. These gases radiated the reflected heat energy from the earth again back to the earth and warmer climates are the result. Air quality has a diret affect due to these warmer climates, as much of the aerosols and toxic gases increase their retention time in the lower troposphere and the volatility decreases. Because of the higher retention times, these toxic gases such as nitrogen dioxide and sulphur dioxide comes down in the form of acid rain and deteriorate the environment and human life, also having significant effect on plant structure. The common green house gases includes chlorofluorocarbons, methane, tropospheric ozone, carbon dioxide. The air pollutants may cause local air pollution and regional air pollution. It may also cause high and concentrated smoke. Not only have these human induced pollutants caused change in climatic conditions and global warming. The pollutants such as ground level ozone and soot contributes to global warming that cause weather changes and deteriorated air quality. The air quality modeling also tells us that pollutants directly cause the weather change that will directly increase the ground level ozone in the future. The particulate matters with the size range between 1 nanometer (3.9 ? 10 ?8 inches) and 10 micrometers (39.4 ? 10 ?5 inches). CHEMISTRY OF POLLUTANTS:- The pollutants chemistry are complex, however the simpler reactions are given below:- Carbondioxide: 6 O2 + C6H12O6 --------> 6 H2O + 6 CO2 + energy. Methane: CH3COOH --------> CO2 + CH4. Tropospheric ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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