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Body image in different cultures - Research Paper Example

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Student ID Lecturer Submission Date University Body Image in Different Cultures The body representations are different all over the world. People like to manifest their body basis through a number of shapes, cuts and forms. The different cultures within the world believe in body representations which are varied and have many changes which vary from individual to individual basis…
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Body image in different cultures
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Download file to see previous pages Research within the understanding of body in different parts of the world has suggested that people like to showcase if they have any cuts that could make headlines for the people who are near and dear to them. In other words, the social circles hold a great deal of value for them because the body debates can go on and on and that too for a number of different reasons. The cultural angle is important to comprehend because some cultures are against the dictum of representing body in such a way that it gets exposed (Cash, 2002). There are others however that have no restriction whatsoever and opine that the body elements and shapes should be depicted as much as possible. What is important within such debates is that what people think of the related equations. If they are open to showcasing who they are and how they believe in their body types and shapes, then this is something that goes perfectly and in line with the discussion at hand. However, if they think this is not what they would like to demonstrate about their own selves, then so be it. Body image is seen as a very differential aspect within some countries because it means so much more than just body representation. ...
Body image is one of the main concerns within Australia. It has been researched that the 11-24 year olds find it hard to adjust to body image requirements and want to be on top of their game. This includes both the males and the females as this is indeed one of the major concerns that surround their entirety. Within Venezuela, the debate is on the women’s body image that is signified through boobs. The size of the boob is one concern that has come to the fore as far as the women within Venezuela are related. However, America has maintained an unhealthy lust for body image as has been represented through media and different cross-sections of the society. The thin models denote how the modern American female would like herself to be. This has meant that she would almost do anything to look that way. There is complex of magnanimity if she feels she is out of proportion. It is a fact that there is not a single woman in this world who feels indifferent about her body. The same holds true for males as well. They also want to look at their best as has been represented in different avenues of the media in this day and age. What is interesting enough to note here is the fact that both men and women have found themselves stuck in a rat race with the passage of time. They have understood that to move ahead they would have to be someone that they are not. In essence, the element of aspiration takes the front seat within the related settings, and this is a very unsettling act in entirety. Some elements within the body image discussions center on the premise of religion as well (Fisher, 1986). The Muslim religion does not allow their women to liberally ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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