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1. How apply what you have learned in managing individual performance situations Performance management is monitoring employee activities and performances in such a way that their goals are in sync with the organization’s goals and a happy motivated work force is able to be sustained…
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Download file to see previous pages Performance appraisal is a very beneficial process. It is a positive experience and can contribute to the overall wellbeing of the company and organization if implemented properly it helps individuals to perform better, raise their confidence and give them motivation. On the whole it strengthens the relations between management and their subordinates within the organization and paves way for commitment. Performance evaluation is not something which can be ignored and taken lightly (J.Daniels) 2. What are the best performance management practices? Like (Feedback, communication, reword) Some of the best management performance practices are: 1. Performance Appraisals and Feedback 2. Communication For performance appraisals to be effective and produce the desired results, clear cut objectives need to be chalked out. They should have a clear objective of why it is done and what for. Performance appraisal is a process. As stated by Northhouse in his account on performance appraisals that it is most likely to fail if its objective is not linked to good personnel management and is implemented with a vague purpose and line of thought. (NorthHouse) Different arguments have been put forward by different authors. Kelly believes that Communication of performance is a very integral part of the entire process. (Kelly) She has further argued that anyone who is leading and directing the activities of others under him should know the art of conducting an effective performance review meeting. It should not be taken lightly. It should be seriously and should not be considered as a meaningless chit chat. It should be sought for as an opportunity for improvement by both the manager as well as his sub ordinates. 3. What are the Career Success key elements? Career success key elements are sustained hard work, sincerity to one self and to the organization and commitment to organizational goals. It is important to ensure that the employees are aware of what direction they are treading on and how effective they have been so far. Employer feedback helps immensely and has a major role to play in the career success. 3. How to conduct a Performance Management Assessment Performance Management is an entire process as mentioned above. However the final phase of the performance management cycle is the performance management Assessment. It offers an excellent opportunity for one to communicate past performances to the employee, evaluate his job satisfaction and chalk out plans for his future performance. During the assessment it is important to develop a supporting environment that states clearly the purpose of the discussion. Key areas of responsibility should be discussed and examples of specific results need to be cited. Similarly clarifying questions need to be asked and employee performance should be acknowledged wherever needed be. Past performances that could have been done better should be discussed with a clear focus on future performance. It is important to ensure that the employee has an understanding of future expectations regarding performance. It should be concluded on a positive note with an emphasis on the benefits of the conversation. 4. What the traditional approaches to performance management describe succinctly with meaning Following are the traditional approaches to performance management: 1. Essay Appraisal Method: In this the description of the performance of the employee is provided by his superior 2. Straight Ranking Method: ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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