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Full Paper Title Name University Network Security In a world where information flows incessantly, companies usually spend a lot of in their endeavor to attain secure computer systems, including servers, firewall and security software, in addition to other areas of computer security such as the physical space and the rules of access…
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Firewall Technology (Network Security)
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Download file to see previous pages Security requirements have substantially changed recently. Traditionally, securing a system was provided by preventing access (physical and ethically) to the secure system. However, with the introduction of computer technology, there was a need to develop automated security appliances for protecting the network and data of an organization. Due to vast rise in threats, vulnerabilities, hacking and cyber crimes, firewalls become mandatory as the first choice to implement for securing the network and data for every computer network. Firewalls Computer Security is the general term for a set of resources designed to help protect data and ruin the efforts of hackers. Moreover, it is a set of measures to protect data during transmission over a set of interconnected computer systems. Hence, security is a set measures for deterrence, prevention, detection and correction of security threats that can damage or divulge information either locally or when transmitted. Hence, certain security mechanisms that are designed to detect, prevent and restore security after an attack. Consequently, many network appliances are invented to secure a network. The most popular network security appliance that is used in almost every small or corporate network to provide security is a firewall. Firewall is defined as “a combination of hardware, software, and procedures that controls access to an intranet. Firewalls help to control the information that passes between an intranet and the Internet. A firewall can be simple or complex, depending on how an organization decides to control its Internet traffic. It may, for example, be established to limit Internet access to e-mail only, so that no other types of information can pass between the intranet and the Internet” (Firewall.2007). Firewalls are network security devices that are categorized in hardware-based firewalls and software-based firewalls. The hardware-based firewalls are more secure, as they are not dependent on the operating system. On the other hand, software-based firewalls are dependent on the operating system that may demonstrate risks. The choice from these options depends on the cost as well. However, a full features firewall may protect the computer network from hackers or cyber criminals. It will detect, block and quarantine viruses and malicious codes that tries to enter in the network. Moreover, configuration on the local area network demonstrates a graphical user interface to ensure that each preventive measure is active and running (Agnitum outpost persona firewall pro 2.0.2004). Benefits Constant monitoring of security is achievable via a firewall implementation. As all modifications and logs are stored in a firewall, that are divergent of distribution on hosts on the network. Firewall also provides the protocol-filtering capability as it filters protocols and services associated with them in order to secure them from exploitation. Moreover, firewall hides inbound communication of the network from the outbound network that is also called a wide area network (ADVANTAGES OF FIREWALL). Furthermore, the use of computer networks and communication lines require protecting data during transmission. In addition, firewalls also provide centralized management for the network. This is an ultimate advantage for the network security staff within an organization as the management and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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