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Psychology: clinical assessment and therapy are part science ,part art, and part technology. Provide specific example(with appro - Research Paper Example

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Psychology: Science, Art, and Technology Application of Theoretical Models of the Self in Clinical Psychology Submitted by: Class: Date: 05/01/2011 “Begun on March 4, 1588, and completed on May 6, 1593, this large armillary sphere was built under the supervision of Antonio Santucci at the request of Ferdinand I de' Medici…
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Psychology: clinical assessment and therapy are part science ,part art, and part technology. Provide specific example(with appro
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"Psychology: clinical assessment and therapy are part science ,part art, and part technology. Provide specific example(with appro"

Download file to see previous pages Restored in the nineteenth century by Ferdinando Meucci, the device is now incomplete and some of its parts are mismatched. The wooden parts of the sphere are elaborately painted and covered with fine gold leaf. The sphere rests on a stand with four sirens, heavily restored in the nineteenth century.” + Museo Galileo - Institute and Museum of the History of Science (2010) In understanding modern psychology, the roots of the discipline can be seen to develop from the Renaissance era when classical knowledge such as Aristotle’s “Physics” and Platonism competed with Christian dogma in the minds of scholars who sought to understand the nature of the macrocosm and microcosm through a universal order. The armillary sphere represents the Ptolemaic world view that the planets, stars, and heavens orbited around the earth as center of the universe. History recognizes Galileo appearing at this time in the court of Cosimo de Medici II and advocating the heliocentric view associated with Copernicus a century before. In Copernicus and Galileo, the Renaissance initiated a revolution in thought that can be seen as leading to the birth and evolution of the modern era today. Yet, when looking at the beauty of the armillary sphere as a model of truth and as a model of the self, the psychologist can also recognize aspects of ego bias and subjectivity as they are projected to universal levels. Heidegger recognized the centrality of Aristotle’s physics on the structure of Western thought, and that model can be seen in the geometries and hierarchies of the armillary sphere as a paradigmatic example. While this has broad implications as will be developed in the Frankfurt School’s critique of Freud, the modern psychologist has to guard against the effects of theory operating in application on this same model, for in doing so, meaning and interpretation may be limited, obscuring an accurate understanding of the mind or reality. Nevertheless, the broad ideal of the Renaissance man is situated at the heart of the practice of Western psychology, and with it an aesthetic of truth that uses the armillary sphere as a model of theoretical understanding of the self through Platonic thought structures and patterns of logic. The early fusion of science, art, and technology in the instruments of this era, as found in the Museo Galileo (Institute and Museum of the History of Science) in Florence Italy can be illustrative in showing how closely this view is related to the theory and practice of psychology. The problem with the armillary sphere as created so beautifully by Antonio Santucci for Ferdinand I de' Medici at this point of the Renaissance (1593) between the time of Copernicus and Galileo is that the beauty or aesthetic of the theory is very seductive and represents perfect control, yet the model is inherently false in describing reality phenomenologically. It inspires awe in a manner in that this image simultaneously mobilizes armies that seek to conquer and colonize the world through the idea. This ‘cosmographic’ process is also seen in the naming of the celestial bodies after Cosimo de Medici, “The Universal”. “The ‘cosmographic’ celebration of the Medici dynasty found renewed vigor in the astronomical discoveries of Galileo (1564-1642). The Pisan scientist dedicated the four satellites discovered orbiting around Jupiter to his patrons, naming them the Medicea Sidera (Medicean stars). In keeping with a later ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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