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Course Date Success With the dream of a successful life, people put in huge amounts of effort in studying and other related activities. Success is at the core of all this hard work. However, if people are asked “what is success”; a lot of these people might not be able to give a lucid response…
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Download file to see previous pages Thus, if my answer is considered correct, then the definition of success would vary from person to person, depending on his or her personal goals. Most of the people in life attribute IQ to success. They believe that if a person has a high IQ score, he or she will be extremely successful in their lives. However, in my opinion, the most important ingredient to achieve a goal, in other words, the most important factor to succeed is not an IQ score; rather it is the self-control in people. As previously mentioned, people usually assume that s successful life is promised to people possessing a high IQ. In today’s world, especially in Korea, most people believe that the level of university plays an important role in an individual’s success and right of admission to these prestigious universities is limited to students with high IQ scores. However, I still doubt the fact that high IQ results in achievement of success. My point of view has also been supported by Gladwell in his article “The trouble with geniuses”, who indicates that it is creativity, not high IQ that is the key factor for success in life. The author further asserts that “the relationship between success and IQ works only up to a point.” (79, Gladwell). In other words, Gladwell suggests that IQ is not the most important ingredient to achieve success. ...
The purpose of the class was to amplify these students’ IQ and turn them into real geniuses so that they can play an important role in the society. A number of people believed that this course would help students a become members of prestigious universities. This specific course was so popular among parents and students that a few of my friends who were known to be smart students, desired to take that course which would result in admission into a top-notch university and a bright future. However, unfortunately, a number of those students who took that course were not accepted in top colleges. Overall, most of these students attended good colleges or colleges that were not famous. On the other hand, I observed that students who were not a part of that course, as in whose IQ was not as high, got accepted in various prestigious colleges and now have successful jobs. Thus, it is clear that IQ plays an important role in the success of an individual to an extent, but not completely. As long as individuals possess a certain level of IQ, IQ itself would not have a significant influence in our lives. An article, “Don’t” written by Jonah Lehrer, also suggests that IQ is not the most important factor in a successful life. This article places emphasis on self control as an important ingredient for success by revealing test results that indicate that who controlled themselves well were more successful. In this article, Mischel argues “intelligence is largely at the mercy of self-control: even the smartest kids still need to do their homework.” (4, Lehrer). Here Mischel means that even the children with extraordinarily high IQ need to put in certain amount of effort to achieve success in life. By not striving hard ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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