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Earth and Space Science - Assignment Example

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Complete A Journey to the Edge of the Universe Even if one has gone as far as a billion kilometers from the Earth into the outer space at the aim of having a concrete grasp of the universe, at least to beyond the Milky Way galaxy, it would take roughly another 20,000 kilometers to unravel what lies after the outskirts of the solar system from a point where visual contact with the human planet is lost…
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Earth and Space Science
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"Earth and Space Science"

Download file to see previous pages The moon, bombarded by millions of meteorites and asteroids, is where Neil Armstrong's still tangible footprints are said to survive perhaps a million more years in the absence of air to change their form. Farther out, a traveler's curiosity is taken to an acquaintance with the planet named after the goddess of love and beauty for bearing a splendor as the solar system's brightest. Indeed the spectacular yellow clouds reflect the sunlight and the size and gravity of Venus is near that of the Earth's but the dazzling clouds are actually made of sulfuric acid and its atmosphere a noxious carbon-dioxide-concentrated air. With an unbearable pressure and temperature approaching 500°C, an experience of staying in it is nowhere as lonely as it is seen from afar or from an illusion which, once broken by reality, entails corrosion, suffocation, and destruction of a living matter. The possibility of life also becomes amply questionable at the sight of a global image, sun-scorched to 400°C by midday yet acquires an extreme end of -170°C at nighttime. ...
With over 5,000°C of hotness at the surface able to launch a nuclear reaction and tens of millions of degrees down its core, the Sun's power is far more than could possibly enter a wild pondering, as it turns millions of tons of matter into energy every second exceeding that made by man and blasting severe radiation onto the outer space through the electrified incandescent gases. Comets, being the documentary's additional exhibit, are depicted to be icy wastes of deep space whose tails extend to millions of kilometers. At a closer look, audience sees a vast dirty snowball covered in tar from which grains of an organic-looking parts disintegrate gradually. Much as the comets had been discovered of certain properties besides preservation in ice, the quest of astronauts and scientists has gone about prospecting Mars for any signs of life. Mars, a red and dead planet, looks as if it were a giant fossil with twirling devilish dusts presumably larger than the largest tornado that ever occurred on Earth. Though it is somewhat real close to capturing human imagination of familiarity and probable living, Mars is proven to contain too thin an air for breathing with significant levels of hazards caused by carbon dioxide everywhere. In it there is nothing to shield humans from the Sun's UV rays unlike the layer of ozone on this planet and protection against sickening coldness of -80°C neither exists. The dead planet, nevertheless, may be claimed to take pride in its immense ancient volcano that is three times the altitude of Mt. Everest and the seemingly 'grand canyon' land form which must have had some geological activities as evidenced with the way it looks in the presentation aided by the special apparatus in space. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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