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Frankenstein - explore the relationship between creator and creation (Victor & monster, God and Adam). What are the responsibilities of each? How are they fulfilled? With the birth of a monster reflecting a huge human form, Victor Frankenstein could perhaps call himself the ‘God’ for a new species!…
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Download file to see previous pages The monster frightens Victor. The appearance of the monster is described as a creature of eight feet height and a translucent yellowish skin which somehow fails to hide the vessels and muscles underneath. He has glowing eyes, dark hair and lips with white teeth. The monster is in need of a mate which Victor is not ready to create. However, as one reads through the novel, the human characteristics of the monster become so prominent that one might think that he really deserved a female companion to love and share his life with. Despite being a creator, Victor Frankenstein falls far short of God’s approach towards His creation (Adams) as he fails to see the humane aspect of his creation. After making the creature out of fragments of corpses, Victor is himself frightened by his creation – “When Victor views the monster, pieced together from fragments of dead corpses, standing before him in the illusion of a unified whole, it is more than his psyche can tolerate” (D’Amato, 125). Here he differs from the ultimate creator of human race, God, who created Adam and then granted him a female partner, Eve. Victor could not think of making a female counterpart for his creation lest it might lead to the extinction of human race. He brings out a selfish self in doing so and shies from his responsibility towards his creation. He fails to see the human qualities of the monster and like many others is guided by the external ugliness. The human face of the monster is brought out through several instances. The monster learns speech and manners from a peasant’s family while hiding in the wood shed. He learns about their behaviors and lives and thinks of them as his protector. The monster hides for sometime but then one day he gathers the courage to come before the public. He begins by introducing himself to the head of the family, the blind father. Initially the father is kind to him and polite in attitude, but since he could not see the ugliness he was unaware of the monstrous aspect of the creature. When the other members of the family return, they drive away the creature. Yet, the monster does not give up hope and rescues a peasant girl from a river. However he gets nothing in return. Even after the rescue, a man arrives and shoots the creation in the shoulder. Hence, he vows to avenge his birth and searches for his creator. He even describes his frustration to his creator, while pleading with him to grant a female partner so that he could move away form humanity and resolve his loneliness. He says out of his agony, “Cursed, cursed creator! Why did I live? Why, in that instant, did I not extinguish the spark of existence which you had so wantonly bestowed?” (Shelley, 52) He finally manages to discover the creator’s room and he also finds out the origin of his birth. He later tries to befriend a boy who happens to be the son of his creator. The boy gets frightened and instead of responding to his gesture, the boy threatens to call his father. The monster gets angry and kills the boy and in order to take out his wrath on humanity, he fixes up the blame of the murder on a girl who is sleeping close by. This girl is the family’s maid and is finally hanged because Frankenstein decides to keep his creation hidden from public. This cannot be referred as a responsible act where he defers form admitting his own blunder by giving birth to such scientific creation that could be a threat now to the human race. The monster calls himself the fallen ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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