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Text and Practices: Gay and Lesbian Representation in the British Tabloid Press - Essay Example

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Text and Practices: Gay and Lesbian Representation in the British Tabloid Press. NAME: TUTOR: DATE: COURSE: Acknowledgements Table of Contents Chapter 1. Representation in News Media. 1.1 Introduction: News Media. 1.2 UK Tabloid Newspapers. 1.3 Aims, Methods and Limitations of the present study…
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Text and Practices: Gay and Lesbian Representation in the British Tabloid Press
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Download file to see previous pages Chapter 3. Methodology 3.1 Selection of sample. 3.2 Methods of analysis. Chapter 4. Results and Discussion. 4.1 Introduction and referencing conventions. 4.2 Profile of the article authors. 4.3 Profile of the article images. 4.4 Naming strategies used to represent gay individuals and groups. 4.4.1 Gay people and social status. 4.4.2 Gay people and politics. 4.4.3 Gay people and religion. 4.4.4 Outing and innuendo. Chapter 5. Conclusion. 5.1 General conclusion. 5.2 Limitations and areas for future study. Bibliography Appendix 1: The Daily Mail Texts 1-5 Appendix 2: The Daily Express Texts 6-10 Appendix 3: The Sun Texts 11-15 Appendix 4: The Mirror Texts 16-20 Chapter 1: Representation in News Media 1.1 Introduction: News Media. Modern society makes use of a wide variety of news media, including traditional newspapers, free newspapers financed by advertising, radio, television and increasingly web-based services and shorter notices like RSS messages, “tweets” from the micro-blogging site TWITTER and an increasing number of “APPs” or applications for mobile devices. In the years since the turn of the millennium one of the biggest changes in the media landscape has been the rise in the number of unofficial new sources like blogs, bulletin boards and topic based news digests from all over the world. News items with formats, content and perspectives to suit almost every personal taste can be located and this puts pressure on the mainstream newspaper media to maintain a loyal readership amidst all this new competition. News media are changing fast, but so far traditional broadsheet and tabloid newspapers has remained popular, albeit with reduced readership numbers in recent years. Figure 1- Estimated newspaper publishing market decline in OECD countries 2007 – 2009 in per cent. Source: p. 18. Figure one shows that the USA and the UK have experienced the most significant drops in the circulation of news media, namely -34% in the USA and -22% in the UK from the 2004 level. This does not mean, however, that newspapers have lost their pole position in terms of popularity and reach. It seems that people adapt to a proliferation of new media and if they use one type of mass media regularly, they are also likely to use others alongside their traditional choices. (Rogers, 1986, p. 114) Traditional newspapers have sought to maintain their mass reach by combining traditional paper formats production with additional web content which is made available either free or for a regular membership charge. Articles normally appear in paper format first, and then are posted on the web later for a wider readership. Now that most people have broadband links to the internet in the UK, it is easy to integrate pictures, hypertext links, and even short sound, animation and video extracts into the original article text. Two factors affect the complexity of the multimedia content in online newspaper articles: the cost of producing and preparing the content, and the time that it takes readers to access and digest the material. These two pressures mean that most newspaper post only short articles with one or two colour images, and very rarely additional multi-media items. One of the paradoxes, then, of the plethora of new technical possibilities available to newspaper editors, is that the material which finally is selected for publication tends to be extremely brief, designed to fit the very short attention span of the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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