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Blue Velvet - Research Paper Example

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Introduction The concept of categorization with different types of films is one which becomes complex because of the distinct techniques and expressions which are used. As the films build in diversity, there is also a sense of mis-categorization which occurs, as well as the inability to create a distinct line toward what type of film one belongs to…
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Blue Velvet
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Download file to see previous pages Films like this are important to examine not only because of the elements which create a hybrid piece, but also because it shows the realities of categorization. This makes the ideal of categorization one which only limits the essence and expression of films. Categorization of Blue Velvet The categorization of “Blue Velvet” into Coming of Age Noir, also known as a hybrid and experimental form, is based on the mixture of styles which are used. The traditional concept of film noir is one which grew out of the rebellion of the popular styles of movies and the need to create a sense of experimentation with the film. The concept of film noir is one which became recognizable because of the various elements both with the aesthetics and experimentation of plot. However, since the classic films have been produced, is the same spirit of film noir which is based on the idea of experimentation and using a variety of elements to create a specific story line. The ideal is one which is based on moving outside of experimentation and definition of cinematic presentation. ...
coming of age noir fits with “Blue Velvet” specifically because it carries through with the traditional elements, combines and fuses together various elements and works toward new experimentation that redefines the cinema into a coming of age noir. The hybrid elements of “Blue Velvet” are not only from the characteristics of traditional film noir with the newer ideals. This is furthered by the different aspects which create the story and show the intertwining of several ideals. The story structure is the first component which shows this. The twist in genres is one which is based on a mystery of finding who took off the ear of a man. This is combined with the dramatic features, specifically as Dorothy reveals the truth of her psychotic lover, Frank. The drama is furthered with surrealist elements and the aesthetics that further the plot line. The intertwining of the individuals lives as well as the characteristics of each are able to create the overall thematic material which was known to film noir, specifically as one moves beyond the basic mystery and into the elements of each of the characters lives and the levels of dementia which surround each of the character desires (Dimendberg, 5). Another aspect which relates to the Coming of Age Noir and the intertwining of types of movies is through the character types. The character types traditionally known in Film Noir were based on the concept of having the madness of a character which moves into evil and which is attracted to the darkness of the story. This is combined with the characters who fall victim to this or which begin as good and move over to the dark side. The characters of Dorothy and Frank reveal this, specifically with Frank and his addiction to drugs and his ability to move into the darker sides of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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