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Stress in Psychology - Research Paper Example

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Cappell, C. Et al. (2001). The Quality of life in the Chicago Collar Counties: work, family, and well-being. Paper presented at the annual meetings of the Midwest Sociological Society, St. Louis: April 6, 2001. Retrieved from mss%20paper%20Analysis%20of%20Stress.pdf…
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Stress in Psychology
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"Stress in Psychology"

Download file to see previous pages “Even as modern suburban living offers an environment conducive to family lifestyle: ample living space, good schools, and relative safety, the suburban lifestyle is accompanied by substantial amounts of stress” (Cappell, Et al, 2001). The study investigates levels of stress for over 500 residents living in suburbs of Chicago, by measuring various demographic factors, such as gender, age, age of children, employment, number of hours worked each week, amount of time spent caring for the home, amount of time spent caring for children and number of hours of sleep each night. Levels of stress are measured by the number of stress related symptoms survey respondents report, for each factor. Overall, married males with families, living in the suburbs, who work reasonable hours and contribute little to household chores experience lower levels of stress, according to Cappell, et al (2001). Brown, D. & James, G. (2000). Physiological stress responses in Filipino-American immigrant nurses: The effects of residence time, lifestyle and job strain. Psychosomatic Medicine, 62: 294-400. Retrieved from The study investigates blood pressure levels among immigrants to Hawaii, of Filipino origin. Blood pressure is assumed to be a predictor of physiological stress. Respondents in the study are nurses and nurse aids, who are Filipino immigrants. The use of blood pressure as a stress response shows a pattern that the authors believe cannot be accounted for, by physical demands of work. Results indicate that respondents who have lived and worked in the United States longer, have higher average blood pressures, than those who have been in the country a shorter period of time. “Women who resided in the United States longer had significantly smaller dips in their blood pressure during sleep” (Brown & James, 2000). Blood pressure normally dips during sleep. The assumption is that those with smaller dips in blood pressure are suffering from a higher level of stress. Respondents were also given questionnaires to measure their perceived lifestyle, compared to both Filipino and American lifestyle, using a scale. Respondents rated themselves as generally having a lower perceived American lifestyle. The implication for results of this research, is that acculturation brings about higher levels of physiological stress response. Steckel, R. (2005). Young adult mortality following severe physiological stress in childhood: Skeletal evidence. Economics and Human Biology, 3: 314-28. Retrieved from The author uses skeletal remains to suggest a link between childhood physiological stress and adult heath. The research conducted is an investigation of skeletal findings presented by groups of anthropologists. Steckel bases his research on previous studies that link childhood health to adult success and growth (stature) to adult wellness. Femur length is a proven method among anthropologists, for determining stature. “In a large collaborative study that investigated skeletal health over the past several thousand years, these included three indictors of health during childhood (stature, linear enamel defects, and skeletal signs of anemia)” (Steckel, 2005).. Stature is also included as an important ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Stress in Psychology Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words)
“Stress in Psychology Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words”, n.d.
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