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Medieval Torture Devices - Research Paper Example

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Medieval Torture Devices and Methods Throughout the chronological progression of human history, the world witnessed a constant cycle of rising and falling of empires (Ames). From the great civilizations of Sumer, ending in Alexander’s megalomaniac plans of world conquest, to the Roman Empire whose city cried in fear from the invasions of the Vandals and the Barbarians, even those of the Incas, Mayas, and the Aztecs, whose reign ended with the coming of Spanish Conquistadors, the continuous cycle of imperial expansion followed by imperial overstretch and eventually imperial decay had prevailed throughout the globe…
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Medieval Torture Devices
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Download file to see previous pages The medieval age, also known as the Dark Age, was the lowest point of European advancement in terms of knowledge, academics, and technology (Wikianswers). It was in this stage in world history, tainted by dominance of the nobles and the medieval Christian churches, that unimaginable and inhuman torture devices were created and utilized by the ones in power. One such device that is very much known to everyone is Flagellation, more commonly referred to as Whipping. Flagellation was a common practice during the medieval times to administer justice in the form of torture to the convicts (D'Silva). It was fast, effective, and painful. It originated and used extensively during the Roman Empire Period, however, it still has gained considerable popularity to punishers during the medieval times (de la Sierra). Jesus Christ himself suffered from Flagellation before he was crucified on the cross. It was said that Christ was pinned to a column or any fixed object (Dewil), most probably for the purpose of immobilizing him. The type of flagellant would sometimes differ on the crime committed or on the administering people (D'Silva). Often times, whipping does not lead to death. Should the authorities wish to punish the convict more because of added crimes, other forms of lethal punishments are utilized (de la Sierra). Another example would be the Iron Maiden, sometimes called the Virgin of Nuremberg. This type of torture mechanism is made up of a thick casket of iron shaped like sarcophagus with iron spikes protruding in the hallow insides of the device ( Such device does not actually hit any vital organ; the spikes are strategically placed to prolong the pain and suffering. The casket of the Iron Maiden is so thick that neither a sound nor a single speck of light comes in and out of the device, even amidst the howling and shouting of the person inside the device. The casket stands to more or less 7 feet in height and could accommodate a full-grown man inside (de la Sierra). The person inside the Iron Maiden stays hanged right-side up due to the pierced irons on his body. Whenever the doors of the Iron Maiden are open and consequently closed, the iron spikes would pierce the same exact spot, covering the wound it inflicted and inflicting tremendous and unbearable pain, but not death ( Eventually, the person suffering inside would not have much option but to die a painful and slow death. The iron maiden does not quickly kill the victim due to one reason: interrogation (Medieval Torture: Iron Maiden). The device was used to interrogate the victim for days and days until the victim either spills out the information demanded from him or her, or the victim dies. When the time to interrogate the victim comes, the doors will be opened, and subsequently closed afterwards. Once the doors are shut, the victim could hear nor see anything outside, causing sensory deprivation and psychological turmoil (Medieval Torture: Iron Maiden). Europe was not the only one with a period of stagnation, and definitely not the only one ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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