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Industry and Macroeconomic Analysis - Dissertation Example

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Introduction An Overview of the Global Real Estate Market Over the past few years, real estate has been the focus of investment. This decade has been dominated by the “real estate bubble” all over the world. The boom in the global economy was brought about this very investment and this has indeed been the cause of the prevailing global recession…
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Industry and Macroeconomic Analysis
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Download file to see previous pages USA is by far the greatest contributor with a market value of about $5 trillion (Hughes & Arissen, 2005). The main reason being the cosmopolitan nature of the cities like USA where the commercial value of the property is extremely high. Second contributor is Japan than is estimated to have a market share of about $2 trillion (Hughes & Arissen, 2005). With regards to the GDP, Japan remains the second largest economy of the world and hence, the value of the property is quite high. These two major economies are followed by Germany ($1.1 trillion), UK ($1 trillion), France ($800 billion) and Italy ($600 billion). However, it is worth noting that the 88% of the total real estate market is dominated by the top 15 countries (Hughes & Arissen, 2005). It is a well-known fact that the real estate market is cyclical in nature and booms and busts have been noticeable. The booms in the 1980s were followed by busts in the early 1990s. However, the late 1990s or the early 2000s once again experienced a property boom. USA has been the major player in this and the housing market got accelerating demand. Thus, by 2007 this property boom decelerated and the world economy when the global economy was entangled in a global recession marred by a credit crunch. Area of the Study The study focuses upon the property market in Thailand. The main concentration would be on the four leading property companies operating in Thailand namely, Quality House PLC, Land and House PLC, Sansiri PLC and Supalai PLC. The study would incorporate a thorough financial and macro analysis of these companies and the area they are operating. Thus, the dissertation would further try to enhance upon the market value and conditions of the property market in Thailand with regards to these companies and provide a clear picture of the investment possibilities and scenarios. This would be followed up by recommendations. Objectives and Methodology The key objective of the study is to develop a framework through which an investor could gain knowledge about the investment prospects in the Thailand Real Estate Industry. The study aims to provide forecast and conclusion as to whether or not the Thai property sector is attractive from an international investor’s perspective, and also on the companies which will be reviewed. The study would be conducted in a number of steps. 1) The global real estate market would be analyzed. 2) The macro-economic indicators that correspond to the smooth working of the real estate market would be analyzed. 3) Analysis of the Housing Market with respect to the four above mentioned companies. 4) Calculations of their financial ratios. 5) Calculation of the intrinsic values for the four leading companies. 6) Investment decisions and recommendations. The World This focuses upon the changes that have occurred. Light is shed upon the world trend towards economic prosperity. PEST Analysis Political Analysis The political scenario of the world is quite varied. There are free economies prevailing and at the same time social welfare economies are existent as well. Monarchy – one man rule and democracy have become rivals in today’s political world. Countries like USA, France and India are the major democracies in the world. Contrarily, the Middle Eastern side is marred by despotic rule. The recent upsurge in the opponents of dictatorship has raised their voices and the results have concluded by the uprisings against them in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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