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Management of Continuous Programmer Education within the Irish Software Industry - Research Paper Example

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Management of Continuous Programmer Education within the Irish Software Industry A Research Proposal [Pick the date] Deftones Author Abstract More often than not Education or Training has been the stepping stone of technical people to change company or to leave the company…
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Management of Continuous Programmer Education within the Irish Software Industry
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Download file to see previous pages The Software Company who has a lot of competency in its roster is more likely to attract more diverse clients. However, the expense of sending people to expand their knowledge and skills is also expensive since it will require un-billable hours from the employee plus the cost of his education. It is also easier to hire knowledge and experience than to train and suffer the consequence of a learning curve. These conflicting schools of thought are valid issues that need to be addressed by a company that wants to be at the fore front of the industry. It should be noted that every six months, new technologies are introduced in the market, coupled with the new technology is the fact that more and more industry are being automated with it is the geometric expansion of potential clientele translating to new revenue streams. Expertise on the new technology, expertise on the new industry is an advantage that can easily be obtained by hiring or educating the employees on the new trend. This dissertation aims to resolve the issues mentioned earlier by providing a viable strategy that will work both for the company and the employees while settling the issue of attrition. Contents Abstract 2 Contents 3 Introduction 4 Objective of the Research 5 Methodology 6 Qualitative Data 6 Quantitative Data 7 Data Collection Instrument 7 Review of Related Materials 7 Bibliography 14 Introduction Attrition cannot be helped most especially in the information technology industry where new technology is introduced every six months. As more industries are being introduced to the information age more knowledge in these industries through education in the context of information systems is required from the programmers. This is to ensure that the processes inherent to the industry is translated and made operational using the computer systems. While new industries are breaking into the automation and information age, new technology also emerges. The widespread use of the latest technology also brings with it new programming techniques or function calls that capitalizes on the new power of the new technology. Programmers in order to remain competitive should be updated in the latest programming languages, techniques, and technology. It is imperative therefore to ensure that the programmers are not only well versed with the new trends in technology they should also be updated on the latest way of integrating the new technology to their work or project. However, the fragile industry has to contend with its own problem, as new skills are acquired the attrition also increases. Through the use of surveys, this paper shall investigate the various techniques being employed by several software companies in order to balance their need to educate their technical employees and the need to recoup the investment made in training and educating these employees by the company. This paper shall try to improve and provide new techniques to augment what has been learned or at the very least combine the best practice in order to maximize what has been learned from the companies surveyed. To validate the result of the survey and the knowledge learned from the company that could be used as basis in formulating the best practice. Other important information should first be established. It is imperative to know if there is a real need from the company to train or educate their employees. It is equally important to know if the employee is given a choice on the type of training/education he would be taking up. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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