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Texting and Driving [Submitted To] The use of cell phones in this day and age within driving is a hazardous one. What this implies is the fact that cell phones have literally ransacked the lives of the people and made them feel hostage to their own desires and needs…
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Texting and driving
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"Texting and driving"

Download file to see previous pages This paper shall exclusively try to relate texting while driving, and how the two must be kept separate when either one of these is committed into. Since texting is so common these days, the drivers do not feel the urge to park their cars at a safe location and then do the texting. Talking whilst driving might sound reasonable considering one receives the calls as and when these come, but texting can take a while to respond back. People need to realize the gravity of the problem that can linger on their heads and then find a solution to have a remedy for the same (Hermes, 2010). The remedy can be in terms of stopping one’s car and then finding the most appropriate place to park the car and do the texting bit. Recent accidents have proven that the drivers who were texting whilst driving have had more than 400 percent of their concentration diverted while doing this act. They completely block their minds and concentrate wholly and solely on what are written on the cell phone screens. They give up the idea that they are driving and respond to what all the content has been about. This is a grave situation which must be dealt with a stern hand, because many people can suffer on this count and are still suffering with each passing day, around the world. The cell phones can wait, they must and they should! After all, it is just a device which must not take one’s life. It does not have the power to take one’s life, but what is happening here is a totally different act altogether. The cell phones thwart the entire basis of a person’s concentration when he is driving. What this suggests is the fact that the cell phones are the attention diverters, and essentially break the ice between the concentration that the individuals have with the road and their car whilst driving (Squire, 2009). The sound of the cell phone message is enough for them to forget that they were on the car and start depending on what is written on the Inbox within their cell phones. This is a horrendous understanding which has been established by people in this day and age, where maximum concentration is laid on the fact that people need to be on their feet at all times, without any shortcomings coming to their fore, which is not humanly acceptable and possible. The birth of a social networking phenomenon has highlighted a number of negatives than bringing out any sheer advantages for the people. It is an acceptable proposition that the cell phones do create social linkages amongst people but this is no way means that the people can take their lives for granted, as well as the people who are around them (Author Unknown, 2010). A sense of empathy seems to be the missing ingredient within the thick of things, and for this proper efforts need to be made to make sure that sanity does creep in within the relevant equations. The social networking premise is such an important one that it will do away with the basics of spending a normal living pattern and bring into close proximity tools like cell phones and the like to remain in close contact with the people, no matter where they are and what kind of environments they are a part of. What must matter is the fact that cell phones do have to be used, and driving is no exception within the related folds. People need to unlearn what they have learned within the new dimension of cell phone usage and the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Texting and Driving Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words)
“Texting and Driving Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words”, n.d. https://studentshare.org/family-consumer-science/1416762-texting-and-driving.
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Banning texting while driving
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.... For instance; it requires a mobile phone user to hold it, giving the mobile device a visual attention, cognitive processes of developing thoughts, typing the formulated ideas into texts, the reception and examination of the written texts as well as mental processing of the received texts and providing responses. A research conducted by the American Auto-mobile Association indicated that approximately forty six percent of the entire American Teen drivers use mobile phones to text as they drive. Additionally, further research conducted by the same association provided results showing that an average of nineteen percent of the entire American drivers text as they drive by using their mobile phones (Scarola 2009). Another study carried out... by the...
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...Ban texting while driving Introduction Texting while driving can be defined as composing, sending, reading e-mails and text messages or making use of the mobile phone features like the web while operating a motor vehicle (MacKinnon, 295). The issue of banning texting while driving has attracted an intense debate with the proponents asserting that is should be implemented to curb road accidents and opponents asserting that it is unenforceable and interferes with privacy of individuals. This practice has been viewed by many transportation experts as dangerous since it increases the driver’s distraction while...
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Argue for a ban on texting while driving
...Introduction Texting while driving is definitely an unsafe practice with risks involved to both the driver involved and other vehicles. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), has strongly argued in favor of a ban on texting while driving as it could distract the driver both physically and mentally which in turn could have damaging effects on the road traffic (National Highway Traffic). The US government has already taken the lead and issued a ban to federal employees which prohibit them to engage in texting while driving (Executive order). Studies conducted have shown that texting while...
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The effect of texting while driving
...The Effects of Text Messaging while driving The Effects of Text Messaging During Dual-Task Driving Simulation It is not a secure association to intertwine driving in conjunction with creating text messages while driving. This is because the risks involved in writing text messages while driving are dangerous or lethal. Text messaging while driving has a great influence on driving capabilities. This is because text messaging while driving tend to decrease time spend looking at the road and approaching vehicles as...
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...Texting while driving With the influx of mobile phones in the market as the primary source of information and communication, there is no limit on how, where and when they are used. Mobile phones are personal devices where the owner dictates on how they can use them. It is the lack of concern and the need to communicate at a particular moment that has put various commuters at risk of injuries and deaths. Texting while driving has become a common practice among individuals who are oblivious to the danger they are causing them and the other commuters. Driving is a skill that requires maximum concentration and attention, failure to which may lead to accidents. The...
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...Insert Driving while texting Use of phones while driving is a common and dangerous activity in most s. Good number of local government’s agencies and states has made it illegal to use mobile phones while driving. A good number of people have been noted texting or chatting via their smart phones while driving. Many accidents have been reported to occur because of distracted driving. For instance, accidents are more likely to happen four times more if the drivers will be driving and at the same time texting. It is rated that mobile phone destruction causes more accidents than any other cause....
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Texting while driving
...?Jennifer Harrison Amrine English 50 31 May Texting While Driving It has been proved umpteen times that texting while driving can leadto disasters. Considering the seriousness of the situation, many administrations have already banned using mobile while driving. Already, 30 states in the US have legislation prohibiting texting while driving in place. However, evidence suggests that the law is not strong enough to stop people from doing this. According to reports (cited in Buzzle.com), a total of 16,000 people died in accidents caused by drivers sending text messages while driving between 2001 and...
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