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What Are The Implications For Social Workers In Combating Re-Offending Among Children And Young People - Dissertation Example

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What are the implications for social workers in combating re-offending among children and young people?
This report intends to provide a description of the scenario among the youth and children and the tendency of juvenile delinquents to resort back to offending. …
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What Are The Implications For Social Workers In Combating Re-Offending Among Children And Young People
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"What Are The Implications For Social Workers In Combating Re-Offending Among Children And Young People"

Download file to see previous pages The view is holistic in approach which excavates the theories and situations and how social workers are working on curtailing re-offending among that section of the society. It is understood that the report is meant to analyze these details and intends to continue the work of social workers in the field of re-offending among delinquents and young people. The report mainly relies on the handbook of Social Exclusion in U.K brought out by the Government of U.K. And the journal article of the National Association of social Workers. Many books have been referred to which deals with abnormal psychology and portrays criminal behavior as a clinical problem. The report intends to problem-atize every bit of the topic and proposes to find a solid solution to it.
Introduction: To begin with re-offending among children and the youth, one must thoroughly study crime in the first place. Every man born into the society is always penetrated with societal norms through rigorous socialization. Norms are the set of ideas and rules which members of the society must abide by. The next concept is of sanctions. Social norms are mostly accompanied by sanctions to foster conformity and more than that, protect against non-conformity to facilitate social binding.norms are mostly accompanied by sanctions to foster conformity and more than that, protect against non-conformity to facilitate social binding. Positive and negative sanctions have different forms. Punishment is a big form of negative sanction. Sociology has time and again come up with newer theories to explain crime and deviance and mostly juvenile delinquency. As mentioned earlier, socialization helps to make every human being settle in the society with ease and comfort, by abiding the social rules and norms. But many despite being socialized to follow these rules and norms decide to not follow them or rather deviate from them. These elements are usually known as sociopaths – impulsive, judgmental and usually lack insight unlike criminals whose deeds have a planned character. Most children on their path to socialization often take up deviant methods. Anything that is unusual, queer or abnormal is termed as deviant. And the character to deviance differs from each other (Quinn, 2004). Offending is a social term more than legal. But our topic clearly deals with re-offending or repetition of crime may be of the same or different character. Crime and delinquency is the subject we are dealing with. Now both these terms have a strong legal tinge to it. The concept of delinquency differs with the Penal code of different states and countries. Criminal tendency or the inclination to commit a crime is seen not only in adults but also in children. There is entire genre in literature dealing with sibling rivalry, dealing with infinite instances of juvenile delinquency. Young offenders are therefore criminal minors. These young people deviate from the cultural norms and commit grievous offences extending from murders to thefts, drinking to brutal sexual activities and so on. The foremost social reason for offending among children and the youth is due to a lack of proper socialization. Socialization happens both from home and peer group. Children often commit crimes under the influence of peer groups; impulsively just to try out something for fun. Or mostly as many social workers have pointed out, it happens due to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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