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Running Head: PARENTAL CONTROL AND OBESITY Parental Controls and Restrictions Regarding Television Viewing And Obesity [Name] [University] Parental Controls and Restrictions Regarding Television Viewing And Obesity Research Question: What are the parental controls and restrictions regarding television viewing among students?…
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Download file to see previous pages Moreover, in recent decades, research evidence has demonstrated a significant association between declining levels of physical activity in children, overall increases in children's body weights, and the incidence of obesity (Goran et al., 1999). The most widely accepted hypothesis for this association is that over time cultural changes and technological advances have resulted in less physical activity and promoted a gradually more sedentary lifestyle (Goran et al. 1999; Luepker, 1999). This mirrors what is occurring in the adult population and highlights the influence that parental physical activity behaviours have on the behaviours of children (Goran et al., 1999). Clearly, physical activity plays a critical role in the prevention and treatment of childhood obesity, leading some experts to suggest that if physical activity levels were increased that the epidemic of childhood obesity would diminish or even disappear (Luepker, 1999). Research has suggests the need for family-based interventions since families share genetic disposition as well as environments (Hill & Trowbridge, 1998). Accomplishing the task of combating childhood obesity will require that every family become committed to improving their children's physical activity habits. ...
Moreover, children learn lifestyle behaviours from an early age and may be more flexible in their ability to change behaviours than adults. Many parents, however, lack knowledge about healthy lifestyle practices and/or fail to encourage or model these healthy behaviours for their children. Parents of overweight children also may tend to underestimate their child's weight and may not be as concerned about their child's physical inactivity. It is important to understand whether this lack of knowledge and/or modelling of healthy behaviours on the part of the parents are related to unhealthy practices among their children. According to Nicklas and Johnson (2004), health promotion interventions should be implemented at an age when a child is still impartial to change, which is typically prior to entrance into sixth grade. The role of the home environment is critical to prevent childhood obesity. Parents must provide a physically active environment for their children, and limit the amount of time spent in sedentary behaviours. Parental controls of television viewing can have many benefits. Research Questions The specific research question of this study is: What are the parental controls and restrictions regarding television viewing among students? Sub-questions for the study were: (a) Does the parental controls and restrictions that are being used by parents correlate with children's BMI; (b) Do parental controls differ according to the child's age? Literature Review Family Environment and Childhood Obesity The best way to significantly affect the prevalence of childhood obesity is to prevent it. Therefore, the issue of childhood obesity becomes a family affair. Families provide the primary ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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