I need a Masters level Historical Theology on the life and impact (Historical and Theological) of the ministry of John Wes - Research Paper Example

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The Theology and History of John Wesley Course Date Introduction John Wesley is a key Christian theologian who was not only influential in the 18th century, but even today there are numerous Protestant denominations that associate themselves with the Wesleyan tradition…
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I need a Masters level Historical Theology paper on the life and impact (Historical and Theological) of the ministry of John Wes
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Download file to see previous pages A spiritual transition was needed. Interestingly, he was often not considered a theologian as Rakestraw states he “in the eyes of most non-Wesleyan Christians Wesley is not taken seriously as a theologian of grace; in fact, he is not taken seriously as a theologian at all.”1 This has little to do with his outlook and more to do with his method of promoting his theology. Unlike known theologians such as John Calvin, Wesley did not write out a doctrine of his theology all in one place. His theology was amassed over time as he grew in his faith. Wesley initially began the Methodist movement, with his brother George, in opposition to Calvinism which was also prominent in this same era. The influences of John Wesley are evident today. Though his initial religious society consisted of only 40 to 50 participants, many Protestant denominations still follow the Wesleyan traditions. This association is often considered the first Methodist society in London. Wesley incorporated Arminian doctrines which were already a component of the Methodist in the 18th century Church of England. ...
His mother reared her children with a strict Christian morality that greatly influenced John. John Wesley lived in the 18t century from 1703 to 1791 and was educated at Oxford University. Wesley was one the 15th child of his family which eventually had 19 children in total. One of the influential moments of his childhood was being rescued from a rectory fire when he was only 5 years old. His father believed this fire was “an attack from some his more disgruntled parishioners, and it was not the first.”3 This instilled a certainty in him that he was meant to do something important in his life. His mother, Susanna also had this belief and she wrote in her own diary, “’I do intend to be more particularly careful of the soul of this child, that Thou hast so mercifully provided for, that I have ever been.”4 As all of the Wesley children were well educated, they also were exposed to religion. “Both of Wesley's parents were ambitiously involved in the movement against the Puritan resistance and in support of the rightful prominence of the Anglican Church, a religious and political position that was in stark opposition to their family histories”5 They grew up knowing the Bible well and memorizing prayers providing a strong foundation for John Wesley’s Christian education. His training at Oxford followed a typical curriculum “in logic, rhetoric, morals and politics – the Aristotelean disciplines – and focusing on a selection of ancient writers….”6 He continued his studies there and also obtained a Masters degree as well. At Oxford, he was largely influences by The Holy Club and eventually became the leader of the group. At age 32, he sailed to the American colonies with his brother, Charles where he was ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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