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This essay "Seamus Heaney" investigates that Seamus Heaney is considered to be one of the popular poets in Irish Literature. He uses his words and poetry as a tool to demonstrate and describe his personal interpretation of various dogmas of society pertaining life and identity…
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Seamus Heaney
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"Seamus Heaney"

Download file to see previous pages However, although these themes contextually appear to be poet’s major thematic concerns yet these themes are also a reflection of universal human behavior and interests. Both the poems Follower and Digging take the readers on a journey down the memory lane where the poet is observed to be recalling two incidents of joy and pride from his pasts regarding his father and grandfather. The Follower depicts a tale of a young child who idealizes his father and his profession i.e. farming and reflects on the child’s feelings about his future when he will also get a chance to walk in his father’s footsteps and will be able to work on his beloved lands. The poem also deals with an interesting phenomenon of life i.e. life comes in full circle and evolution under the context that when a child is young he idealizes his father as he sees him at a high pedestal where he can never expect himself to reach that point. Yet as he grows up ultimately he outshines his father’s glory and succeeds his father and then his father is the one who looks up to his son’s success.  However, he also hints upon the changing times where he thinks that his pen is his weapon to succeed in life although he is not ashamed of his roots, in fact, he still finds it delightful to work on the lands along with using the pen as a tool for a better future. Self-identity of a person is the sole constituent that makes up a personality of a human being because it is a proof against an individual’s individuality and an independent existence as it forms the foundation of a man’s ego and self-esteem. Subsequently, it is a natural human instinct to struggle in life in order to retain his independence and never let another individual question his identity for this reason every individual feels pride over his roots as his heritage also provides him self-confidence. Hence Heaney is also observed to be extensively incorporating the theme of identity in both the poems Followers and Digging which reflects on the Poet’s feeling regarding his life history. As Kenneally (1995) also states, “the mystical authority of poetry has its analogue in the mystical authority of a particular conception of Ireland, and it is no accident that one of the terms which discussion of Heaney’s poetry and discussion of Irish cultural Politics have in common is ‘Identity’” (p.180). Kenneally also reiterates that Heaney’s poems are, “carefully structured to give the notion of identity pride of place in Heaney’s critical orientation” (p.180). The readers while reading the poem since the importance that the poet puts in the profession of his ancestors as he believes that farming is his actual identity although he might seek other means to succeed in life. As the poet also states in Digging, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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