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Psychology of communications (Visual communication is the most persuasive medium in mass communication) - Assignment Example

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Student ID Lecturer Submission Date University Visual communication is the most persuasive medium in mass communication Mass communication describes the academic research which studies the diversified means through which individuals and varied entities provide information through the tangents of mass media towards larger segments of the population base, all at the same time…
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Psychology of communications (Visual communication is the most persuasive medium in mass communication)
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"Psychology of communications (Visual communication is the most persuasive medium in mass communication)"

Download file to see previous pages The mass element derives its basis from recipients of the media products which include within it the people from different segments of life and are essentially undifferentiated individuals living within a society or varied societies globally. Within mass communication, the visual form of communication is indeed the most persuasive form that could possibly be derived. This is because the visual form of communication encloses the art and design elements that are deemed significant to the human eye which in turns let the brain notice the said artwork (Vuruskan, 2011). Visual communication is all the more necessary to understand because it depicts a meaning which is different from others. It adheres to the policy of bringing about a solid notion of long-lasting effect on the minds of the audience. This indelible impression is one that does more good than any harm for the sake of mass communication and specifically for the field of advertising. It would be a fact if stated that visual communication is the success criterion upon which communication ranks are based (Ritterbush, 2008). Within the fields of marketing and advertising, the aspect of visual communication has attained greater heights than any other field imaginable. This is because visual communication has exponentially increased the chances of making the product more visible and apparent to the end consumers. They feel satisfied that their product is coming along in a reasonable way and the extent to which success could be achieved as far as its sales dynamics are concerned is something that holds a great amount of value for the marketers and advertisers. It is because of such tangents that the discussion on visual communication has been greatly increased with the passage of time, and same shall be the case in the times to come (Bassett, 2006). What is most essential here is an understanding that visual communication does bring in the eye impressions when it is sought after the most. It also fathoms the fact that visual communication is the end result that a marketer or an advertiser would like to have, and which shall be the cornerstone of his success when he is about to sell a product or a brand to the intended target markets. How these marketers and advertisers shape up their communication message is now a totally different proposition altogether. How they fix in the right words, visuals and the combination of other aspects and features used in visual communication is something that paves the way for the perfect blend of all these factors – a fact that is understood in hand by the people who matter the most within the realms of marketing and advertising. Also the manner under which these marketers and advertisers are trying to get their respective messages across to the target audiences is something that paves the way for coining and developing the visual form of communication at the end of the day. One shall agree with the perspective that the communication which is facilitated in terms of visuals is indeed the one that has the most mileage and value. It is for this reason that the psychology of communications banks strongly on the premise of visual communication, a promise that delivers for the sake of mass communication in the long run. What is even more important is the fact that visual communication does not hinder in the light of the comprehension of the end ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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