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Consequences Of An Older Population - Research Paper Example

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Consequences of an Older Population Name and Number Date Submitted Abstract The research would proffer pertinent issues on the consequences of an older population. Issues to be explored and discussed would include the possible increased burden on the younger population to compensate for health care cost and lost income, housing needs, and a lesser population contributing to Social Security, which will be supporting a larger population…
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Consequences Of An Older Population
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"Consequences Of An Older Population"

Download file to see previous pages Consequences of an Older Population Diverse studies have been undertaken to closely monitor factors that influence living conditions of a population. With vast developments that have been achieved over the past centuries, medical breakthroughs and improved nutrition, concurrent with other innovative products and services have resulted in an increasing percentage of aging population worldwide. The study conducted by the collaborative agencies on aging under the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services revealed that most significant increases in the number of people aged 65 and above were identified in developing nations where the percentage increase is projected to reach 140% by the year 2030 (US DHHS, n.d, 2). It has been the natural desire of humans to live a productive and rewarding life for a long time. However, despite the obvious benefits of a long life, there are consequences that should be evaluated in the light of its impact from various perspectives. In this regard, the current study aims to would proffer pertinent issues on the consequences of an older population. ...
Medicaid, Medicare, Disability, Welfare and Supplemental Security Income, and The Older Americans Act). Options that could be helpful in relieving this potential burden, in terms of increased taxes, Social Security reform, and reduction in assistance would also be discussed. Finally, from the information gathered from scholarly sources, the paper would propose viable and validated measures to address the significant onus of an aging population. Causes of an Increasing Aging Population The study conducted by Schrier (n.d.) identified a significant cause for the aging population being “the long-term historical decline in the fertility of the population. In other words, the falling birth rate is responsible for fewer children in the population, and this, in turn, means that the older age groups will form a larger share” (Schrier, n.d, 3). This was supported by the discourse entitled Demographics of an Aging Population provided a clear explanation for the rationale for population age structures in both mortality and fertility transformations, known as demographic transitions (Demographics, n.d). It was reported that the decline in rates of mortality were contributed by improved medical breakthroughs, immunizations, personal hygiene and public focus on health and cleanliness of the environment, that enabled people to survive from various diseases. On the other hand, fertility rates declined due to an interplay of economic and social factors. The need to generate more income for the family led to women joining the work force thereby leaving lesser time for child bearing and rearing, especially in developed countries. Trends in Global Aging The US DHHS (n.d.) have revealed trends in global aging, to wit: (1) “the overall ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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