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Questions on Performance Management 1. Performance management is the process of involving the employees in determining the best solution for improving the effectiveness and outcome of the organizations goals. This first step in this process is planning the work…
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PM questions
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Download file to see previous pages It is also important that the company continually provides training in the latest innovations and ideas for their employees, so that they have the best tools necessary to improve their, and the companies, overall performance. The company can then periodically rate the performance of its employees to provide feedback. Positive feedback and good performance should be rewarded and encouraged. If there is negative feedback it is important to then uncover areas that are in need of improvement. Due to the fact that performance management allows employees to fill a sense of ownership in their work and goals, it generally greatly increases the productivity of the organization. The fact that the employees are receiving continual training, and rewards for their improved performance also improves the employee’s overall sense of worth and well being. This provides a win- win situation company wide (Daniels 1-10). 2. There are two groups of people involved in business behavior, the leaders and the followers. The behavior of one of the two groups can either positively or negatively affect the behavior of the other. So what exactly is business behavior and are their any laws to govern what is acceptable and what is not? Despite what you might see marketed in various books and journal articles today as the, 100 unbreakable business laws, there are actually not a set group of laws that governs business. This is due to the fact that every business and company interaction is as different as the people that compose them. There are, however, guidelines for how business should be conducted. One of the guidelines is to not reward bad behavior. This is for both managers and employees. As Dr. Edwards noted, “well over 90% of the problems of quality are due not to frontline employees, but to management”. The rule of, “I don’t care how it gets done just get it done,” no longer applies. Ethics and moral responsibility in the process of achieving your goals sets a higher sense of morale and trust among the organization. As a result performance is actually improved. Behavior is the key to quality because you do not lead people in business you lead their behavior (Daniels 48 – 50 + 94). 3. Pinpointing is the act of trying to find the exact spot or issue that could be changed to improve overall effectiveness. Having the ability to accurately pinpoint is essential to performance management because allows the manager and employee to go to the source of the problem and uncover methods for irradiating it. Pinpointing should not be viewed or approached as a negative, but as a positive means for growth and development. Managers not only have the right but the responsibility to overview the work f their department and pinpoint areas that can be improved. It is not the sole responsibility of the managers to pinpoint, however, effective managers will train the employees to pinpoint problems as well. Since employees deal with the more day to day operations of the company if they are able to pinpoint and do away with problems early on, it helps to elevate a later possibly larger issue from occurring. This helps to improve overall managing performance because the more areas of concern that are pinpointed and eradicated the smother the department and company as a whole will run (Daniels 99-101). 4. Performance feedback is an essential tool in performance management. It should be ongoing between both managers and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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