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Sexism in different cultures and societies - Research Paper Example

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In the paper “Sexism in different cultures and societies” the author analyzes sexism in different cultures and societies, as well as the terms such as masculinity in relation to men and femininity in relation to women as a result of sexism. Men use their superiority in most important areas.
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Sexism in different cultures and societies
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Extract of sample "Sexism in different cultures and societies"

Download file to see previous pages The above statistics clearly show that sexism exists in many forms in America. In schools, teachers, give more attention to the boys than the girls. They believe that boys are brighter than girls and should get more attention. In professional world, women are getting lesser salaries than men even though both of them are doing the same job. Many organizations in America have the belief that men can handle certain jobs better than women. For example, in the recently concluded American Presidential election, Hillary Clinton fought hard against current President Obama for getting the Democratic Party nomination. However, majority of the Americans, voted in favor of Obama because of their perception that a male President could be more effective than a female President. If we take the number of women presidents or prime ministers in countries worldwide, we can see that the number of females is much lesser than the number of males. Even in America like advanced country, people believe that men have superior abilities in taking decisions and handling pressure and this belief is definitely the contribution of sexism. The number of females going to colleges is less than the number of boys when we consider the statistics of boys and girls who attend the college education in America after their school education. This is because of the parental belief that giving college education to the boys is more important than giving college education to girls. If an American family faces financial problems in giving education to their children., they will stop the education of their daughters first and will try maximum to give education to their sons. Majority of the men in America believe that the primary role of women is to do all the housework at home. Only after the completion of the house works, men like their wives going for other professional works. McFadden (2010) has pointed out that in American society, “Women are still being fired for getting pregnant and getting demoted ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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