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Compare Canadian Healthcare System with US Healthcare System - Research Paper Example

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United States versus Canadian Healthcare Systems The often-discussed and highly debated issue of which healthcare system is superior to the other has overwhelmed both Americans and Canadians for several years now. Various standpoints and expert opinions have been provided to give resolution to this lingering ‘hot topic’ yet not a single elucidation was accepted as gospel truth…
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Compare Canadian Healthcare System with US Healthcare System
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Download file to see previous pages In this essay, the author will illustrate a brief descriptive analysis and critical evaluation of the considerable merits of the two systems. While, it is generally acknowledged that Canada’s system is inexpensive, others also contend that it is inferior to the US healthcare system in terms of availability and quality of care. The aim of this paper is not to prove who is better off than the other, but to offer valuable points for improvement for the greater welfare of the people. Funding. The main difference between the US and Canadian healthcare system is the way it is funded. In the US, various insurance agencies in coordination with the concerned governmental units would pay for the hospitalization and other medical expenses of the citizen, notwithstanding his or her own personal fund to cover every item in the bill (Shi & Singh, 2008). While in Canada, the government serves as the single payer for all the expenses incurred in the medical procedures of the citizen. For most cases, no charge shall be directed to the patient, although for pharmaceutical purchases a minimal amount may come from his or her own wallet. In this context, the Canadian system earns many significant advantages as the coverage is universal, and ‘less privileged’ citizens enjoy the same medical treatment as those with the wealthy members of society. Recent statistics demonstrate that life expectancy rate in Canada is higher than in the US by two years. It was noted that the latter is among the lowest among highly industrialized nations in terms of this scientific finding (Nolte & McKee, 2008). Costs. The role of the government in Canada’s healthcare system is much noticeable than in the US. The serious responsibility of the state to pay for the medical expenses of the people poses a challenge to the officials, yet places them in the position to be of much help. Available literatures declare that with Canada’s government as sole payer, efficient administration of healthcare costs is achieved. In the US, the multifarious insurers may actually lead to the confusion of the patient and physician, hence precipitating hitches on the way. Access. One great disadvantage to the Canadian health system, however, is the lowered number of physicians. This plight was attributed to the fact that most Canadian doctors would opt to practice the profession in the American soil as the financial rewards are way too attractive than in their homeland. This premise may also be contributory to the imbalance of the number of generalist and specialist physicians in the US. In any event, equilibrium of these medical professionals is necessitated to provide holistic medical treatment to patients. By instituting some reforms in the American set-up, generalist doctors will proliferate and will be available to the general public (Schoen, Osborn, Doty, Squires, & Applebaum, 2009). It was also reported that in the area of technological advancement in healthcare, Canada’s system is less important. Few numbers of scanner and MRI machines may cause delay in the service and would cause for insufficient diagnostic reliability. Above all, due to these reasons, Canada’s healthcare providers are criticized for the longer wait periods that their clients experience. Another negative aspect raised against both systems is the intentional inaccuracy of diagnostic results so as to generate profit. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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